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Sales-Management What do you like to do in your spare time? Are you among the extreme sports enthusiasts who heli-ski the worlds tallest peaks or choose Class V whitewater to raft? Or are you one of the five Americans who spent $36 billion on bird watching in 2006? Perhaps youre perfectly content in the back yard hammock reading The Help or look forward to weekend yard sales. Whatever your hobby of choice, it requires time. So thats where an acute awareness of time tracking proves invaluable. Setting your personal interests aside, lets look at how cutting edge online time tracking software will address and direct your best intentions to improve your organizations efficiency and productivity with a watchful eye on the bottom line: profits and losses. A mobile time tracker helps you clock in and out in real time using a smart phone or IPhone or any phone for that matter. No running back to the break room to stamp your timecard. No more paper trails with their wasteful consuming and piles of paperwork requiring filing or shredding or reviewing for errors. Clicking, texting, or calling in make this approach less tedious and entirely more accurate. It tracks time, that precious commodity we all operate with and enables you to stay on track. One click starts the clock and one click stops it. It even tracks holidays and vacation time. Furthermore, a time tracker manages your time by putting each workday in line for more focused work and results in more productivity all the way around for employers and employees. By assigning job codes to all high level tasks and clients, its possible to assign individual tasks to the codes and the to-do list is assigned right from the get-go. Then no employee is unclear about his or her course of action, expectations, or what must be accomplished to complete the job. And prioritizing is done for them. In addition, whether your company requires simple or complex reports throughout a project or at its completion, a time tracking app supplies what you need. From creating schedules, to assigning managers and administrators, to generating your own invoices, this tool streamlines those tasks. It integrates into several softwares, maybe one you already use for payroll, accounting, or invoicing. Reporting errors are minimized, if not eliminated altogether and the info you need is at your fingertips at all times. Best of all, you are freed up to manage your most vital asset people. Your employees have opportunities to improve performance and make measurable contributions to the organization. Expectations are better outlined and assessment can be more readily appraised. Gone are the days of spy-level tactics when employees feel watched and restricted rather than empowered. Time tracking methods make it that easy by taking the guess work out of the process and allowing the employee to code and report his or her time and efforts and achievements. Make no mistake, there are few businesses (at least few still IN business) who do not quantify their success using the bottom line. It takes the guesswork out and leaves the facts. It allows you to tweak until your company is working at best efficiency, best productivity, best accuracy, best teamwork, and best use of your time. Web-based time management facilitates success… for bird watchers and bottom line watchers! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: