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South Korean film "Busan line" maxed circle of friends really cool or routine? – the latest one called "Busan line," the Korean film suddenly burst into a circle of friends, WeChat public number and micro-blog. Many fans like disaster theme, in the eyes of this directed by Yan Xianghao, Kong Liu, Ma, and so on, starring the "Busan line", said that the world’s Zombie World War, higher than the "starring" by Peter Pitt, the quality is still high in the world, "he said." this is the best way to do it. ". Good reputation in the burst at the same time, there are also other fans said, many flattering comments flawed reason. Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter interviewed the film on micro-blog’s well-known film critic, the dark knight". Ordinary movie lovers "really cried me blind!" South Korean film "Busan" is about a single father Shi Yu (Liu hole ornaments) and daughter Sau, take the KTX high-speed train to Busan, a girl on the car brings the zombie virus raging and diffusion, let people on the train disaster. A lot of the audience that attracted chase film, film stars to tears for the family to sacrifice the plot, "is really a cry blind me!" There are some spectators even commented that the South Korea’s first zombie theme commercial blockbusters, creating a new type of zombie movie in asia. The film is not only the Chinese audience favorite, South Korea, the United States audience have been conquered. According to media reports, there are 1/5 of the Korean film box office to make a contribution, while the United States rotten tomatoes also gave a net of 93%. At the same time, the film has become the first in the United States this year, the u.s.. Senior film powder routines and routine combination although ordinary fans feel in the spirit of self sacrifice touching, and zombie type diehard powder has said that some do not meet the customers themselves set plot, more or less awkward: netizen "immortal green space" said, "the inside of the zombie ran too fast". The audience "King’s teeth" also said: "the zombie running speed to catch up with Liu Xiang hurdles." In addition, there is also a film veteran believes that the u.s.". Netizen cat uncle Mak said, Korean commercial films like the same routine of Hollywood, like to reflect on human nature." Writer Ma Boyong commented: "look after is a good movie, but also not to work……" And that most of them are the same plot and set the standard type of film, the film "the color is not the protagonist, but the actor, really hard ah, several flocking, is really like a literal ‘rush’, students have to take up the rhythm." Critics view "the South Korean commercial film Asia’s top level" for the film critic, "the Dark Knight" to support and think we should be as a commercial film, this film is not art film, there should not be too many "non routine" requirements." The film was asked about the reason, he said: "the netizen Shuabing first appeared in Asia, and there is no such movie, people feel very strange; in addition, closed space story, narrative complete, specific and flawless, bring exciting feeling, it should be said on behalf of the South Korean commercial film is relatively high standard. Therefore, also produced a word-of-mouth effect相关的主题文章: