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Son said | immediately bring the child to the hospital of the five symptoms – health health Sohu Sohu the pediatrician Lu Jing baby is sick, some lasted for a long time the old is not good, there is the emergence of new symptoms, it should send the baby to the hospital? When should I go to the hospital? Especially in the cold winter night, go out of the cold and the impact of rest, and hospitals are overcrowded, increasing the risk of cross infection. But if you have a fever to the hospital, to the hospital the doctor just offer some antipyretics. But do not go, but also delay the illness, treatment. In this case, mom and dad’s mood can only use the word to describe the tangle. Doctors often say "timely treatment", that "timely" when? Lu Jing, graduated from the Department of Pediatrics, Capital Medical University, master of medicine, deputy chief physician. After graduating from Beijing Children’s Hospital emergency center and the new century children’s Hospital for fifteen years. There are rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and critical diseases in pediatrics, especially children are better at respiratory system, digestive system and neonatal diseases. WeChat public number: pediatrician Lu Jing. Here are some of my own work experience summed up a number of cases, it is recommended that parents do not hesitate to encounter these circumstances, in time to take the baby to the hospital. Some may be some small details, you need to pay attention to mom and dad. This article from the baby the most prone to unusual aspects to talk about: respiratory abnormalities 1, breathing continues to grow faster, significantly faster than the respiratory rate of the age. 2, breathing difficulties, apparent inspiratory laryngeal stridor (especially in a quiet state), inspiratory sternal depression, laryngitis and foreign body aspiration baby may appear this kind of circumstance. 3, breath hold breath, prolonged expiratory audible whistle, asthma or wheezing baby prone to this situation. 4, mouth cyanosis, respiratory hypoxia performance. 5, the sudden emergence of severe choking cough, facial changes or choking cough, especially when playing with small toys and food, then there may be inhaled foreign body. 6, nasal obstruction seriously affect sleep and eating, especially in the young children under the age of 1 and the application of physiological saline after the newborn no significant relief. 7, nosebleeds continued difficult to stop, especially after trauma, some need special treatment to stop bleeding after Department of ENT doctor. 8, after a cold runny nose blocked more than two weeks Yinger ENT Hospital, noted that there is no rhinitis; smell, with yellow tears flow, morning headaches, facial features should be noted that there is no sinusitis treatment. 9, fever and severe cough, frequent paroxysmal cough that may affect sleep, lower respiratory tract infection; cough lasting more than 2 weeks, especially more than 4 weeks after exercise, cough, cough up the night of sleep, should be hospitalized in the respiratory field; if the old have rhinitis, nasal secretions, cough treatment should be only at night in the Department of ENT. 10, continuous snoring, apnea, or to ensure that the sleep time after waking up is still poor spirit, attention should be paid attention to the Department of ENT to see if there is no adenoid hypertrophy. 11, three months following the baby, choking milk, ming!相关的主题文章: