Software Testing Growth And Its

Software Software testing was introduced by Glenford J Myers (known as the father of software testing) in 1979. The main aim at that time was to separate verification from the rest of the coding process itself. His work was carried forward to the next level in the year 1988 by Dr. William C. Hetzel, who organized the first conference totally dedicated to ‘Software Testing’. This article focuses on the present market for global software testing services. The IT think tanks, specialists and bigwigs of theindustry consider it to be one of the most important tasks in the software devlopment process. In terms of quality engineering, one of the major targets to fulfil is meeting customer requirements, and above all, their expectations; this can be done only by making a defect-free product that is thoroughly tested. Business and top level management are aware that software testing is one of the most essential processes in the whole cycle to be .pleted; therefore, investment and capitalization is high. The market value of software testing has grown tremendously and will soar to new heights in the years. The point to be mentioned here is that software testing service market is marked by increased outsourcing of testing services to leading service provider countries such as India. Recent study reveals that software testing industry is rapidly changing in both business and technology perspectives . The major factors from business point of view are cost reduction and better quality. According to Gartner, one of the leading research and advisory firm, "Independent testing – from business prospectives – is growing at 40-50 percent; it also includes a 35 percent growth in offshore testing services." US alone, the biggest giant and superpower, spends 59 billion dollars on software testing; out of this, 13 billion worth of work is outsourced to Asian countries. Our own country is one of the worlds leading service providing nation. A study reveals that CAGR (.pound Annual Growth Rate) of 18% is for development and maintenance market, which is very less in .parison to 45% by independent testing services. This is very good news for the software testing industry. This is one of the reasons why worlds top notch IT .panies are investing in testing infrastructure as well as establishing their own testing centers and offering independent testing services. The rise of independent software testing services is a neccessity, and with the involvement of specialist testing providers, it will continue to grow as customers increasingly demand independent software testing, quality assured and defect-free product. Last but not the least, there is one major challenge which we need to over.e: the shortage of skillfull and trained testers at the entry level. Certain independent training institutes dont fulfil or meet industry norms, standards and expectations. There should be certain fixed targets and a .mon agreement which should be acceptable across the industry. While there is a lot of potential and opportunity in the testing industry, it is upto the individual to strive for success. As someone has rightly said, "Staircases are for those who want to reach the top; those who aim for the sky choose their own way." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: