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SMPForex: Japan’s central bank negative interest rates began to be formally implemented, the outside world questioned, the Japanese Central Bank launched negative interest rate policy since last month, achieved little success, the central bank announced on Tuesday, the negative interest rate policy was formally implemented, the outside world questioned. On the first day of negative interest rates, the overnight unsecured lending rate in Japan dropped to 0.001%, yesterday was 0.010-0.125%, with a weighted average of 0.074%. The interest rate is Japan’s interbank lending market index, the Japanese Central Bank negative interest rate policy is equivalent to the financial institutions in the future new excess reserves for " fines " intended to stimulate banks, businesses and savings for consumption and investment. Prior to this, many banks in the quantitative easing policy to obtain funds continue to lie on the central bank account, did not effectively stimulate credit expansion into the real economy. Some economists say the Bank of Japan’s Arsenal may be running out. Recently, Japanese government officials frequently voice the possibility of intervening in foreign exchange markets, and hope to join hands with other countries to cope with market volatility. The Japanese yen and Japanese stocks have returned to the starting point of QQE. Long term QQE is now facing technical difficulties, Japan’s national debt is close to " no debt can buy " the situation. The actual impact of the current negative interest rate policy on the real economy remains to be seen. The negative interest rate policy depresses the yen by " the effective period is " less than a week. Abe Shinzo, Japan’s prime minister, said he would not want to see excessive volatility in the foreign exchange market and, if necessary, to take appropriate actions to stabilize the currency market. At the G20 conference in Shanghai, it is hoped that fiscal officials will take appropriate action on the global economy. From a technical point of view, Japan and Asia Pacific plate yesterday after opening downward pressure, the matching period in Europe fell to 113.38 from the first shock rebound, the daily view, short-term moving average Guaitou slightly, the long-term average pressure above MACD, below the zero axis Sicha running under partial rail Brin, bottom rail narrowed from the upstream direction, above resistance 114.55115.15, from the downward direction, below the support 113.35112.80. 2016-2-18 into SMPForex [Sina Finance shares] discussion

SMPForex:日央行负利率开始正式实施 外界对此表示质疑   日央行自上月推出负利率决策以来,取得成效甚微,周二日央行宣布负利率决策正式实施,外界对此表示质疑。   负利率生效首日,日本隔夜无担保拆借利率下跌至0.001%,昨日为0.010-0.125%,加权平均值为0.074%。该利率是日本银行间放款市场指标,日本央行负利率政策相当于对金融机构未来新增的超额准备金处以"罚金",意在刺激银行、企业和储蓄进行消费和投资。此前不少银行在量化宽松政策下所获取的资金持续趴在央行账上,并未有效刺激信贷扩张流入实体经济。   部分经济学家表示,日本央行的弹药库或许快要用尽了。近期日本政府官员频频发声不排除干预汇市的可能,且希望与其他国家携手应对市场波动,日元、日股已经重回QQE起点。长期QQE目前面临技术性难题,日本国债已接近"无债可买"的境地。当前的负利率政策对实体经济的实际影响仍有待观察。而负利率政策在压低日元上"有效期"不到一周。日本首相安倍晋三表示,不愿看到外汇市场过度波动,如有必要,将采取适当行动稳定汇市。希望在上海G20会议上各国财政官员能对全球经济采取适当行动。 从技术上看,昨日美日亚太盘开盘后承压下行,欧盘时段回落至113.38一线震荡反弹,从日线来看,短期均线略有拐头,中长期均线上方承压,MACD零轴下方死叉运行,布林中轨偏下,上下轨收窄,从上行方向看,上方阻力114.55,115.15,从下行方向看,下方支撑113.35,112.80.   SMPForex   2016-2-18 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: