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The small property right room after Dabie pit has bought only regret with the purchase of the property market policy "angry", before the state of the property market continued unpopular now seems to have cooled, but experienced in the previous stage of the boom, house prices remain high is as the acme of perfection "". The current situation is that you want to buy suites, often a generation or even two generations of savings to buy a set, so in the face of more and more expensive prices, many people will turn their eyes to the small property room. It is necessary to explain what is called small property popular explanation, the national development and production of the sale of warrants can be called big property, usually we can buy ordinary commercial housing to the housing property, including property for 70 years, 50 years, 40 years, three kinds of property rights. The country does not issue property rights certificate called small property room. Nature of "small property" has three kinds: one is built in the land of collective construction, namely the completion of the homestead house, only belong to the rural collective owner, outside the village farmers can not buy; the other is in the collective enterprises use or occupation of cultivated land for illegal construction house. The last one is a variety of agricultural parks or nursing homes villa: this type of housing in the event of disputes, property buyers can not be compensated, because the sales contract is invalid. Although, small property has some problems, but want to buy a small property people can also list a lot of benefits, such as: property prices are relatively cheap; no transaction tax; not purchase, money can buy; do not worry about problems of property rights expire…… But melting 360 mortgage Jun want to say, if it is not true as it cannot be helped, for small property, our attitude should be cautious and prudent to be cautious, do not buy can not buy as much as possible, after all, the risk of the purchase of small property room is still very serious consequences. The purchase of small property rights can not apply for real estate legal risk of bank loans and mortgage loans can not be a small property room, it is small property is actually a representation of our civil society. After all, you have to set up words from compliance, it is not right. Because this house is not issued by the state land permits and pre-sale permits, of course, your purchase contract in the housing authority can not be filed. So you will not be able to get a legal compliance, effective real estate license. This is actually a small property room, the biggest problem. In addition, for property certificates, need to have five cards, namely state-owned land use permits, construction land planning permits, construction planning permits, building construction permits, commercial housing pre-sale permit sales. Because developers do not have five cards, so small property buyers can not handle the relevant departments to the housing housing property permits, the nature of the use of lead to small property with ordinary commercial housing. At the same time, the purchase of small property room no real estate license, there is no record, you can not go to the bank to do the loan, only one payment. In fact, the pressure is quite large. So you can not go to the bank to do the loan, the same can not take the future of your house to the bank mortgage, and then you may also have a lot of trading risk and pit. Demolition is difficult to compensate, the quality is not guaranteed because not the legitimate owner of the house, can not resist the country’s land acquisition and demolition, property buyers are difficult to get compensation. If the small property right house demolitions in violation of national policy, buyers may face both consultation相关的主题文章: