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Slaughterhouse boss to the wages of the workers in exchange for the seal of the original title of the original title: slaughterhouse boss to the quarantine workers wages? The slaughterhouse of Guangzhou Daily reporter Wang Wanli bridge in the town of Shengjing in the livestock market, "inspection and Quarantine" should just cover chapter. Last week, the newspaper reported the matter, causing the relevant departments attention, Qiaotou town, agriculture, forestry and water authority said it would increase inspection and quarantine personnel, strict management. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, at present, the inspection and quarantine personnel in the market has increased from 7 to 9 people, of which the night of the night shift of the people of the 3. Market owner Mr. Chen said, the 9 men from the market to buy insurance, the wages of the 9 is the market to the town, the town issued to them. In other words, the slaughterhouse owner to quarantine workers wages? Yesterday afternoon, Qiaotou town, agriculture, forestry and Water Bureau official said, indeed". These quarantine officers are contract workers, the monthly salary of more than 2000 yuan, and now people are nervous, people do not recruit ah." He sighed. The morning after 10 may Zaiyang yesterday afternoon, before the bridge in the town of forestry water authority responsible person told the reporter that, slaughter livestock market in Qiaotou town of Shengjing in the inspection and quarantine quarantine useless, and seals to the slaughterhouse workers free to use, with the shortage of staff have a certain relationship. Now, an increase of two people have been in place, a total of 9 staff, and arranged a working time, there are specialized in the evening of 3 people. Prior to the report referred to the slaughterhouse also slaughtered sheep during the day, and no inspection and quarantine officers during the day, not to mention the inspection and quarantine official seal. In this regard, the relevant departments have also introduced the relevant initiatives. "After 10 a.m., you can’t kill the sheep." The official said, in order to prevent someone taking advantage of inspection and quarantine personnel are not present when secretly slaughtered. The responsible person said, in addition, this time in the market also increased the sampling, supervision and other livestock products on the market are strict. Market owner Mr. Chen said that for this issue, the market is very seriously, and actively cooperate with government departments for rectification. "If you don’t have enough manpower, you’ll have to work 8 hours a shift for a long time, and it will take you 6 hours." Chen said he tried to meet the requirements of the work. Mr. Chen said, the whole market inspection and quarantine personnel’s wages by the market on time every month to the town government, then the government issued to the market inspection and quarantine personnel, salary is about 2200 yuan per person per month to 2400 yuan. Inspection and quarantine personnel insurance is also to the market to buy them. "It can be said that inspection and quarantine personnel wages are issued by the market." Mr. Chen said. Is it true that most of the inspectors are contract workers? Yesterday afternoon, Qiaotou town, agriculture, forestry and Water Bureau official said, indeed". He explained that the original bridge in the town of Shengjing livestock market in 7 inspection and quarantine personnel only a formal staff, the other 6 are all contract workers. They serve the market, the market each month to pay a certain amount of money to the government, the government to take this money to pay these people. Inspection and quarantine personnel within the market wage is only about 2000 yuan per month, very little." This name is responsible for"相关的主题文章: