Sister Yang Yang got 4 strokes steady accurate routine exposure to deep leakage-lm3886

Sister Yang Yang got 4 strokes: steady accurate exposure these routines must deep original title: Yang Yang Liao Mei exposure: 4 strokes Jianlou steady accurate routines must teach Xiao Nai "crew deep honey kill 4 strokes", including the first move "to steady accurate, which means to grasp, to seize the opportunity to attack, second the" routine to deep ", a third" despot to foot ", and" four strokes better". reported according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, TV drama" smiled very little "adapted from the same name Gu diffuse love story, after the broadcast discussion of high degree, for several days in a row to occupy micro-blog hot search list top, the universal hero" Xiao Nai "became the girls no I do not know the role of official today released a version of" the God of her sister clip ‘honey’ killing skills ", let the fans to relive the sweet fragments. "Smile" even after sowing, but the plot, leading and supporting characters are still under discussion on the heat, many viewers hope that the message crew can continue to open footage, conform to the requirements of users recently cast clips, a period of about 1 minutes and 40 seconds of video, "Professor Xiao Nai honey kill 4 strokes", including the first move "in the steady accurate, which means to catch the time for the attack to seize the opportunity, second strokes" routine to deep ", a third" despot to foot ", and four strokes" better ", every fragment brought back memories of fans watching the drama. Through this drama hit, let the success of 6 actors become the concern of users, including the actor who plays Yang Yang as "Xiao Nai" corner jumped to the leader of the man of God, and the hero with her roommate "beauty Zheng Yecheng brothers", "foolish old man" Niu Jun peak, "monkey wine" Cui hang, and is the chef hacker "KO" Zhang Binbin, and love actress in foreign language department wit "Cao light" Bai yu. (China News Network)

杨洋撩妹4大招曝光:捡漏稳准狠 套路要深 原标题:杨洋撩妹4大招曝光:捡漏稳准狠 套路要深剧组传授肖奈的“蜜杀4大招”,包括第一招“捡漏稳准狠”,意即要抓对进攻的时候、把握时机,第二招“套路要深”、第三招“霸气要足”,及第四招“技术要好”。中国新闻网报道 据台湾“中国时报”消息,电视剧《微微一笑很倾城》改编自顾漫的同名爱情小说,播出后讨论度超高,一连多天占据微博热搜排行榜前几名,剧中万能的男主角“肖奈”更成为少女们无人不知的角色,官方今日公开一段剪辑版“大神撩妹‘蜜’杀技”,让粉丝重温剧中的甜蜜片段。《微微一笑》即使播完,但剧情、主角、配角都还在讨论热度上,不少观众留言希望剧组能继续公开花絮,剧组近日顺应网友的要求,剪辑了一段约1分40秒的视频,传授肖奈的“蜜杀4大招”,包括第一招“捡漏稳准狠”,意即要抓对进攻的时候、把握时机,第二招“套路要深”、第三招“霸气要足”,及第四招“技术要好”,每一个片段都勾起了粉丝看剧时的回忆。借着这部戏的热播,成功让剧中6位男演员成为网友的关注对象,包括饰演男主角的杨洋因为“肖奈”一角跃升为男神中的佼佼者,剧中与男主角同寝的室友“美人 师兄”郑业成、“愚公”牛骏峰、“猴子酒”崔航,以及既是大厨又是黑客的“KO”张彬彬,还有暗恋女主角的外语系才子“曹光”白宇。(中国新闻网)相关的主题文章: