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Silicon Valley restaurant closures are a good cook pry away the technology giant Tencent technology [editor’s note] there always spread Silicon Valley technology company cafeteria, how tall, but you may not know, if you are not the science and technology company, now in the Silicon Valley even eating places are not easy to find. Rising rents, profits shrink, technology companies paid to poach the cook, the boss struggling for survival in the Silicon Valley restaurant have been forced to let their children have to act as a "child". And they come up with what kind of countermeasures? The following are from foreign media, compiled by Tencent Technology "In the near future, traditional restaurants will disappear from here (Silicon Valley)." Palo Otto called a "Howie s Artisan Pizza restaurant owner Howard · (Howard Bulka) said the Burka. Zibibbo was once a prosperous downtown Silicon Valley restaurant, Morocco spiced prawns and firewood pizza aroma from the shop open courtyard drifted to the street. However, the 17 year old restaurant, which closed in 2014, has now become an office space for American Express venture capital and a business incubator. From 2008 to 2015, due to the development of high-tech industries, the United States California, Palo Alto, a total of more than 6500 square meters belonged to retail stores and restaurants of land into the technology company office space. Silicon Valley restaurant owners say their restaurants struggle to survive every day because of rising rents and other costs, as well as a severe labor shortage. Apple, Facebook and Google (micro-blog) and other technology giants are paid to poach their best chef. Palo Otto, an ordinary restaurant, the boss is a roast pig to attract customers to rent increases the restaurant owner impecunious according to the rental site Rent Jungle, in Palo Alto, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is $2800, rent high catch up to New York. In the surrounding towns of Palo Alto (such as Cupertino and San Jose), because of the influx of technology company driven rent increases, the average rent one bedroom apartment is more than $2500. According to the Palo Alto city planning department data, in the city’s urban housing, the average rent increased by more than 60% compared to four years ago. The cost of renting a well – run restaurant – including rent and insurance, property taxes – should account for 4% to $6% of sales. But in Palo Alto, the cost of renting restaurants accounted for 12% of total sales. "From a business point of view, the industry is collapsing." Burca says. "There is not enough profit in the catering industry." Silicon Valley’s rent increase led to a contraction in food and beverage industry. Restaurant owners found that they could not afford to raise wages for their employees with a small profit. "Not only is the restaurant, many stores have posted a" helper (Help wanted) "notices, said the burka. Palo Alto restaurant Pizzeria Delfina boss said, opened two years, the restaurant has always been.相关的主题文章: