Sichuan pilot accounts receivable in the country more than 70 financial institutions to join Mianyan-widcomm

Sichuan accounts receivable financing in Mianyang more than 70 financial institutions to join the "mouse pilot in the country, after finishing all accounts receivable financing procedures, can be a few days to get loans, interest rates are lower than the traditional financing." October 27th, Sichuan Science City, Jiang Tai Electronics Co., Ltd. is responsible for Xu Yao center in the stone finally landed, get the money, can be put into production." Xu Yaozhong can easily get the loan, thanks to the support of its partners Sichuan Changhong electronics holdings. In September 2015, Mianyang (micro-blog) in the first pilot accounts receivable financing services, relying on Changhong’s core business like this, the chain of small and medium-sized enterprises credit supply, solve the problem of financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises financing, financing expensive, slow. Up to now, Mianyang accounts receivable financing service platform for SMEs to provide financing 2 billion 846 million yuan. Reduce the time and cost of communication between banks and small and medium-sized enterprises due to the lack of effective collateral, generally difficult to direct financing from banks, even to get loans, often with a longer time, the interest rate is higher. The small and medium-sized enterprise suppliers facing the strength of dealers, widespread credit conditions, resulting in a large number of accounts receivable. The financial institutions due to asymmetric information, high cost of investigation, it is difficult to verify the authenticity of accounts receivable, afraid to eat the crab". "The core enterprise supply chain is very long, they are very familiar with the situation of suppliers." The people’s Bank of Mianyang China branch of the relevant responsible person said, if the core enterprise can financial institutions confirm supplier the authenticity of accounts receivable, can effectively alleviate the financing difficulties of the enterprises on the supply chain. In September 2015, the people’s Bank of China credit information center, the people’s Bank of China Chengdu branch and Changhong Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to explore new mode of accounts receivable financing services. Changhong pilot conditions are very mature." Mianyang branch of the people’s Bank of China, Changhong group has been working with tens of thousands of enterprises, more than 5000 active suppliers. As early as 10 years ago, Changhong developed a supplier management system. The bank through the system can verify transactions between Changhong and supplier orders accurately and quickly, solve the problem of the ownership of enterprise debt. In September this year, Xu Yaozhong and Changhong Ag signed a 180 thousand yuan small speaker orders, but the funds needed for reproduction, supplier management system Xu Yaozhong try holding the idea into Changhong submitted applications for funding. Changhong’s core corporate finance staff to confirm the application, and sent to the accounts receivable financing service platform, the platform will be sent to the bank information. Because Changhong’s credit, the bank through the financing application. Wait until the payment, Changhong will be directly transferred to the bank loan. The reporter saw in the bank achieve win-win development of Changhong group finance company limited, opening the supplier management system, business license, supplier delivery time, quantity, invoice and when settlement information at a glance. "Because Changhong core enterprises such support and guarantee, banks will not have to go to the numerous small and medium-sized enterprises to verify the authenticity of accounts receivable, small and medium-sized enterprises do not prepare all kinds of credit, homes will be able to complete the financing, significant savings in the gap between the bank and Tongchuan相关的主题文章: