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Sichuan Emei Wushu sent 100 master ceremony – Beijing received Sifu, 100 year old Yue door head Mr. Wang Xulao and Sifu, Zhong Mingqiang. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, October 23 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhongjun) 23 days, more than martial arts masters gathered at the Sichuan Leshan Phoenix Island, witnessed the scene of Emei Wushu 100 year old Yue men head Mr. Wang Xu first door ceremony Shoutu 46 year old Zhong Mingqiang, was charged for own pupils. According to the 1989 issue of the "Sichuan Wushu encyclopedia" records, Emei Wushu is divided into monk, Yue, Zhao, Du, Hong, and words, eight door. The Yue door to national hero Yue Fei as the founder of the late Qing Dynasty began to spread in Sichuan, a total of ten teams. Sixth mountain division father Wu Zhicheng at the end of the Qing Dynasty from the Jin Laichuan, 1920 as the Sichuan admirals Zhao Hongyou biaoshi, later served as chief instructor of martial arts in sichuan. After 1928, Wu Zhicheng will pass the mantle and the people of Leshan and Wang Xu, and Wang Xu started a martial arts career door Yue Yue, refined martial art for decades, had defeated the Sichuan famous martial arts contest in the East Peng beard fame. After the founding of new Chinese, Wang Xu began to teach martial arts obligations in the work, with its use of E’mei Wushu tens of thousands of people. It is understood that Emei Wushu and Shaolin, Wudang known as Chinese three martial arts genre, is a national intangible cultural heritage. The Emei Wushu culture promotion is far behind Shaolin and Wudang influence, also has a large gap. In addition, there is not a martial arts school in Leshan on the scale, there is no corresponding association, a serious shortage of reserve personnel, brand influence has declined. Mr. Wang Xu is a hundred years old, but the thought is agile, the field can recite the "Peach Blossom Spring and I wrote a poem. Now because of the tradition and advanced in age, the descendants of Emei Wushu martial art of yue. It will serve as the inheritor of the close disciples demanding, always on the lookout for candidates for these years. In 2013 Mr Wang Xu will promote Emei Wushu Culture in Tiecheng disciple, this took Zhong Mingqiang own pupils can be said to be the last time of his life. "Emei Wushu is a national intangible cultural heritage, in recent years, the government attaches great importance to the city of Emei Wushu name card build, but to really take the traditional Wushu culture inheritance, there must be more to join in training" successors "a person with breadth of vision." The apprentice ceremony, a family of Emei Wushu six Yue third generation authentic descendant of Zhong Mingqiang said, they will remember the teacher education, seriously study of Emei Wushu Kung Fu Yue door, and the establishment of Emei Wushu hall and Yue door of Emei Wushu Association, to further promote the Emei Wushu culture. (end)相关的主题文章: