Sichuan and many other officials announced the return of mobile phone number has been suspended serv pretty rhythm

Sichuan and other officials announced the visit some mobile phone number has been suspended recently, Sichuan Meishan City, "Meishan daily" published the four county area two of the four leading groups were 152 officials and the name and position of mobile phone number, some netizens said that this is the show. Reporters on a similar situation in Xi’an as an example of a return visit. > > the background of the phone number published around the fact that, in fact, announced the official phone number in Sichuan, Meishan is not fresh. It is understood that this is the last ten years in Meishan, the official release of the phone number in the media in the past fourth years. According to statistics, the use of the media platform to announce the official phone number is not only Sichuan, Changsha, Meishan, Chengde, Nanjing, Kunming, Xi’an and other places, have announced the relevant information at all levels of officials. This initiative has been involved in the implementation of the process around the overheated debate, and even brought no small controversy. In 2008, the "Kunming daily" published 4 papers from the party secretary and mayor of the municipal departments of Party and government officials of the phone, and in 2009 and 2011, because the leadership changes, and other reasons was transferred to the two update official telephone number. Each newspaper officials call, have invariably been sold out the public. Hebei, Chengde in 2009 announced 14 sets of official telephone numbers, including the Municipal Committee, deputy mayor and other leading cadres. Most leaders personally answer the call to the public to meet the people to reflect the problem, but also to the staff in a timely manner to record and study the treatment, received a lot of praise. Hunan city has Changsha with 7 full page announced the city’s more than and 100 units of 1108 leading cadres of the name, position, office location, office telephone and mobile phone number. But many of the published telephone often no answer or can not call. This allows the official phone number published the effect of counterproductive. > > following hotline "cool" as "cold line" in 2013, Lintong District of Xi’an city announced including the district government leaders, the region more than 89 level leading cadres and the name and position of mobile phone number, 2014, Gulou District of Nanjing city announced more than 400 agencies responsible for the telephone and street. Reporters choose some of the main leaders and the people’s livelihood, and is closely related to the person in charge of the Department of the phone number, follow up. 21 PM to 22 am, the reporter called the Xi’an District, Lintong, a total of 11 officials of the phone, including some of the main leaders and letters and visits, education, civil affairs and other departments responsible person. 11 officials, 3 mobile phone has no answer, two people directly hung up the phone, two people into calls to remind, the Civil Affairs Bureau and Supervision Bureau responsible for the telephone are "out of service" and "not in service", the main leadership of a region of the mobile phone has no answer, one hour after the reply message "please send the information, the reporter that identity no response. Lintong District vice mayor Zou Lin in a telephone, first said "I was driving at this time, a little busy." An hour later, the reporter called back. Zou Lin believes that after the announcement of the phone number is also good, this morning, Xi’an heavy snow, the road is slippery, not convenient to answer the phone,.相关的主题文章: