Sichuan 9 highway project started around three is expected to be completed in 2019 yezimei

Sichuan 9 highway project started around three is expected to be completed in 2019, Chengdu Economic Zone loop highway, the Chengdu people called the "around the", divided into the construction of the four part of the southeast, concern. Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter from the highway project in Sichuan province began to focus on the mobilization meeting got good news, following the "three round" of the first building, the "three round" East and West yesterday started at the same time, the north will also be started before the end of the year. This means that the three round this year into the full construction phase, is expected to be completed in 2019. The western part of Pujiang – Dujiangyan section of 101 km long line are in the territory of Chengdu, the two-way six lane yesterday started construction period of 3 years, the Xiling Snow Mountain tourism corridor linking Dujiangyan yesterday also started to Dujiangyan and Pujiang. The segment is within the territory of Chengdu. The main line from the Pujiang County Chengya expressway, Yudu Wen expressway, 101 km long, two-way six lane; connecting line from the second beltway Liaojia interchange, stop street town in Chongzhou City, 16 km long, two-way four lane. Chinese railway high speed command Xutang Pu are vice president of history, the western part of planning the construction period of 3 years, the main control project is three and six hub interchange bridge. Including and Tianhua hub interchange is connected with the high speed, high speed into the Qiong name Pingle East Interchange, and Dayi to Xiling Snow Mountain highway connecting Hu Jia Gou interchange, Pujiang River Bridge, stone bridge, Han Lin Xi River Bridge, river bridge, Zhu He bridge and dam 6 km long the bridge in Dujiangyan. After the completion of the project will not only become Dujiangyan, Dayi, Qionglai and other plain city group between a new convenient channel, but also to connect Dujiangyan, Xiling Snow Mountain and other attractions of the Western Sichuan tourism corridor. The southern part of the Jianyang – Pujiang section is 126.33 km of which 50 km section of Chengdu is under construction next year in July before the opening at the end of the opening 61 kilometers before next July opened the first project of the Jianyang to Pujiang section construction progress? A total length of 126.33 km in the Chengdu section of Pu Pu has a distance of 50 km. Jane Pu Expressway Engineering minister Liu Heng told the Chengdu Daily reporter, at present the roadbed has been basically completed, the 4 control project, Tuojiang River Bridge, two tunnels, long tunnels and E-Mount Akiyama bridge have been through the Minjiang River, "by the end of the opening of 61 kilometers, the whole line opened before July next year". Jane PU high speed from Jianyang wo Fengzhen, ending at Pujiang Tianhua Town, two-way six lane design speed of 100 km at the International Airport, Lu Jia Zhen and Tianfu high-speed connected. 18, the Chengdu Daily reporter drove to three around the Tuojiang bridge Jane Pu section construction site, both ends of the bridge are respectively connected with the new town of Jianyang City Beach and dragon horse Township, a total length of 1239 meters. The director of more than China Railway Construction Bureau Group sixteen Jane Pu high-speed 2 tenders project management company told the Chengdu Daily reporter, is expected by the end of September and early October will be able to complete the bridge all civil engineering, into the pavement of asphalt pavement and ancillary facilities perfect stage. The northern section of the Deyang – Dujiangyan section is 1 road相关的主题文章: