Shen 4 sewage companies included in the black list and another 8 were warned (video) txplatform

Shen 4 enterprises included in the sewage blacklist, and another 8 were warned that the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that Beijing, Tianjin and heavy pollution exposure exceeded the pollution discharge enterprises, Shenyang 4 environmental protection illegal enterprises were listed in Shenyang city sewage unit blacklist, and another 8 companies were included in a serious warning enterprise. According to the "measures of single black sewage units of Shenyang city management" (Trial), once incorporated into the Shenyang municipal sewage units "blacklist", enterprises will be subject to punishment in loans, insurance premiums, public examination, government procurement, policy incentives, such as tax, as a punishment period for one year. If a person refuses to rectify the case after being blacklisted, or is blacklisted again after releasing the blacklist, the competent department of environmental protection reports that the people’s government which has the right of approval shall order it to shut down and close it. 4 enterprises have been included in the list of sewage blacklist, Shenyang Heping District Real Estate Management Bureau heating company (Taiyuan Street boiler room), many times excessive discharge, and during the haze period unauthorized outage pollution control facilities. Shenyang Shengda heating limited air pollutant emissions exceed the standard term, many times by the administrative punishment but not eliminate violations, did not carry out their own monitoring information disclosure work in controlling pollution sources. Shenyang Railway Bureau Shenyang real estate life section of long-term excessive emissions of atmospheric pollutants, repeatedly punished by the administration, but has not yet eliminated illegal behavior, violation of construction project management regulations. Shenyang Coking Coal Gas Co., Ltd. has been seriously polluted since its completion and put into operation. The air pollutants have been discharged over a long period of time, which has been punished and notified by the environmental protection departments at higher levels for several times. 8 companies were included in the serious warning enterprises in Shenyang second thermal heating company (the five river boiler room) Shenyang Tianrun heating Co. Ltd. Shenyang Xiangyun heating Co. Ltd. Shenyang Dongtai new source development limited liability company JOYOU Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone Thermoelectric Company Limited Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone Thermoelectric Company Hongyu Xinmin thermal Co. the company including air pollution facilities are not running, exceed the standard discharge, without the approval of construction projects put into use etc.. In view of the enterprises to actively carry out rectification work, timely elimination of environmental violations, listed in a serious warning enterprise.

沈4家企业列入排污“黑名单” 另有8家被警告 环保部称京津冀重污染 曝光超标排污企业 沈阳4家环保违法企业被列入沈阳市排污单位“黑名单”,另有8家企业被列入严重警告企业。依据《沈阳市排污单位黑名单管理办法》(试行),一旦纳入沈阳市排污单位“黑名单”,企业将在贷款、保险费率、上市审查、政府采购、各种政策性奖励、税收等方面受到惩戒,惩戒期限一般为一年。被纳入“黑名单”后拒不整改的,或者解除“黑名单”后再次被纳入“黑名单”的,由环境保护主管部门报经有批准权的人民政府责令其停业、关闭。 4家企业被列入排污黑名单沈阳市和平区房产管理局供暖公司(太原街锅炉房),多次超标排污,且在雾霾期间擅自停运污染防治设施。沈阳圣达热力供暖有限公司 大气污染物长期超标排放,多次被行政处罚但仍未消除违法行为,未开展国控污染源的自行监测信息公开工作。沈阳铁路局沈阳房产生活段 大气污染物长期超标排放,多次被行政处罚但仍未消除违法行为,违反建设项目管理条例。沈阳炼焦煤气有限公司 自建成投产以来,多次严重污染环境,大气污染物长期超标排放,多次被上级环保部门处罚通报。 8家企业被列入严重警告企业沈阳市第二热力供暖公司(五里河锅炉房)沈阳天润热力供暖有限公司沈阳祥运热力供暖有限公司沈阳东泰新热源发展有限责任公司沈阳经济技术开发区中宇热电有限公司沈阳经济技术开发区热电有限公司新民宏宇热力有限公司包括大气污染设施不正常运行、超标排放、建设项目未经审批投产使用等。鉴于企业积极开展整改工作、及时消除环境违法行为,列入严重警告企业。相关的主题文章: