She earned 7 million investment in real estate finance by doubling the cost of

She earned a 7 million on financial investment in real estate costs doubled for Shanghai Shanghai every day, every moment in the interpretation of Chinese most inspirational, the most luxurious, most modern story, and as a family business can hold up half the sky Shanghai woman, the hall into the kitchen is small for case they can make money, money, and it is their Lisheng admirable. Today we are at the most senior woman in Shanghai Liu mother’s story, let us look at the international metropolis will produce what kind of "wise" woman. When most people still sigh "money Nancun", Liu mother had insisted for 14 years, accounting for her bookkeeping habits, the biggest advantage is to remind her to project less than the revenue expenditure items. Income may sometimes only from the salary, but a lot of expenditure items, food, clothing, shelter, and education and entertainment, support and so on, little attention every moth are likely to become household wealth. Sorting out the accounts at the same time, Liu mother also used to make the family budget, what time to pay insurance fees, tuition, buy a house, decoration and other important family expenses are already planned. In the eyes of Liu mother, as long as with the plan in advance, in order to effectively curb the household spending unnecessary, and can let you know how much spare time to do some long interspersed investment financial affairs. In addition to accounting, budgeting, regular "audit" can not be less understanding, capital flows, financial development to make the most of family adjustment is the same magic mother Liu let the family financial capability. After years of practice, Liu mother has made his life a more, although Liu mother and husband are just private workers and teachers, income is not high. But in Shanghai, they have a set of new houses over a hundred square meters, Liu mother unit equipped with commercial vehicles, there are hundreds of thousands of related financial assets, the total assets of nearly 7 million. How does a working, average wage family do? Is it really is on food? If you think so, it is completely mistaken, as early as when the monthly salary is only thirty or forty yuan in the last century at the end of 70s and early 80s, Liu mother and husband often go to the viewing window international hotel meal Western-style food to spend 10 yuan, or every few months to eat Roast Chicken Xinya Hotel, had two people romantic the world. The mother Liu is also a people who know how to enjoy life, from her elegant living room, the main bedroom style retro style, rich aroma book study, simple and generous kitchen, integrated sanitary equipment, Clivia fresh and pleasant, we can feel this point. Double the cost of investment in real estate does not rely on excessive frugality, it certainly benefits from investment youdao. Well, in early 2002 when they had spent more than ten million yuan investment of a large-sized apartment house. At the beginning of 2003 after the transfer of the net profit of 180 thousand yuan, nearly 1 years to get 100% of the proceeds! Some of the usual accumulation plus, they have the ability to change. In 2003 June they bought the Bailan road beautiful apartment, elaborate decoration after Xiqianxinju, bid farewell to the real husband lived for many years. This new apartment, construction area of 113 square meters, when the price of more than 6000 yuan per square meter, total)相关的主题文章: