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Shanxi online pick service line "officially opened the rules to know recently, the province’s traffic control department 11 city launched the Internet integrated service platform, business. Reporters learned yesterday, the launch of the online election number of business, many people encountered in the process of selecting the number was included in the blacklist was included in the selection of non normal suspects and other issues. In this regard, the traffic control department to remind, must have a good understanding of the Internet, before the selection rules. Two may be included in the "blacklist" the traffic control department said that the owners apply for Internet business license qualification, if the following two conditions will be included in the "blacklist system". The user must input the vehicle identification number, valid invoice information and photos and other basic information, can handle business license qualification. For the false information entry, or recording information and inconsistent information for the new registration business license, qualification is invalid, the user is included in the "blacklist" within two years, the Internet for business license plate pre ban. The user selected number after the success, if not in the primaries, within the validity period to confirm the DMV Internet pre plate, the user will be added to the blacklist, not on the Internet in primary motor vehicle license plate, automatic lift the blacklist after two years. Don’t worry that in addition, there are a lot of users in the process of Internet business in the process of being pre plate, "included in the non normal, suspect". The traffic control department after receiving the user to reflect, October 24th morning 8 when, through the "comprehensive traffic safety management service platform" entry information selection, Internet integrated platform "user interface has been included in the non normal, suspect, please wait for the user to pick the vehicle information of audit results!" And cannot be selected. The traffic control department, there are two reasons for this problem: one is the Internet platform certificate verification system failure; there may be a vehicle identification number input by comparing the audit owners without the Ministry of public security certificate on library. The traffic control department to remind the owner, or the user will not be included in the blacklist. If the resulting number selection can not handle the business owner, please bring ID card, invoice to the local vehicle than manual audit, through the audit, the owner can continue to pre plate. There are two ways of self selection selection and random selection, the traffic control department said, "there are two kinds of traffic safety integrated service management platform to provide selection methods, namely self selection and random selection. The first is the self selected number. Users choose to arrange pre plate when the maximum number for each vehicle can arrange and verify the license for the 20 time. The second is random selection. If users choose to arrange pre plate, can be selected according to the city section before delivery by a plurality of candidate segment number, if the preferred license verification is not passed, other alternatives can continue to verify the license plate, so in limited time and opportunity to grab the favorite plate more likely. The maximum number of randomly selected numbers for each vehicle is 10. At the same time, the user selected a maximum number of hours of operation, from the user read and agree to the selection of motor vehicle license plate business)相关的主题文章: