Shanghai torrential rain caused many water Road No. 16 typhoon is approaching malakas yuanjiao

Shanghai torrential rain caused many water Road No. 16 typhoon malakas approaching typhoon "Meranti" peripheral circulation and influence of the North weak cold air, from the beginning of last night to yesterday morning, Shanghai heavy rain, torrential rains in some areas, for a maximum rainfall since the flood season this year. It is reported that Pudong, Songjiang and other places there are more than and 10 roads under the road and the intersection of the more than and 20 sections of the road was a water. The day before yesterday evening around the city rain gradually increased. The city’s river water level rising, Pudong, Qingpu, Songjiang and other places have more than and 20 hydrological stations over the warning level. As of 11 noon, the city has nearly 20 under the overpass Road, section 30 of the more than more than and 10 road, a residential area of water, houses more than 400 households, 27 thousand shops flooded, flooded farmland. To this end, the relevant areas of drainage, traffic police, highways, housing construction, agriculture and other departments to take timely rush row and control measures to ensure the safety of the public life and urban operation. As of 11 noon yesterday, yellow rainstorm warning lifted, the process of rainfall has more than 300 mm station of more than 12 mm, more than 200 mm over 28 stations, 395 stations over 100 mm, more than 50 mm station. One of the biggest Pudong New Area million mu of farmland stand up to 393 mm. The reporter learned from the flood control office, as the typhoon "Meranti" clouds dissipate, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" gradually approaching along the coast of China, Shanghai typhoon defense work not relax. In this regard, the city flood control office said that due to the current city in the flood season this year, the eighth astronomical tide flood, typhoon, rainstorm, according to the astronomical tide and affect the grim situation of the city, the city’s flood control departments at all levels will further strengthen the emergency duty and emergency disposal, focusing on key parts and weak links to strengthen the inspection, inspection, in accordance with the requirements of early warning plan timely implementation of defensive measures. Along the coast, along the river, along the river unit also strengthened the tide defense work, closing all types of proof gate, and to strengthen the inspection, dike seawall line, and resolutely put an end to the accidents such as intrusion. The city departments also carry out their duties, in close collaboration, to maintain the normal operation of the order of the city.相关的主题文章: