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Shanghai to build the world’s largest planetarium is expected to be completed in 2020 opening of Shanghai planetarium Museum renderings of years of living in the city of Shanghai in the light pollution of the environment is difficult to have the opportunity to see the stars, not to mention the Milky Way. At 10 yesterday morning in the port water lake, many astronomers eagerly look forward to half a century of Shanghai planetarium started. Here in the future, people will be able to truly see the true appearance of the stars through the equipment and simulation experience. Shanghai planetarium building plans by the end of 2017 cap structure, completed in 2019, is expected to be completed in 2020 opening, will become the world’s largest planetarium building area. Although in the global scope of big and small 4000 seat planetarium is not open to the audience of some of the facilities, but in mainland China area can be regarded as "planetarium" has few, only a comprehensive large-scale planetarium in Beijing, was built in more than half a century ago in 1955. Therefore, the construction of a planetarium in Shanghai, many scientists and astronomers lasted nearly half a century of the common dream. Today, the Shanghai planetarium site is located in Pudong New Area Lingang port Avenue and North Lake Road, from the metro line 16 station in Dishui Lake about 700 meters, with a total area of 58602 square meters, total construction area of 38164 square meters, including a main building, magic Sun Tower, youth observation base and mass Observatory, restaurants and other affiliated civil construction, investment of about 528 million yuan. After the completion of the Shanghai planetarium will provide "stargazing" service. The planetarium, observatory observation base public facilities will also be open to a specific part of the audience in the night, astronomers can see here "the Milky Way", "constellation". Is there an observatory in Sheshan, which is different from the Sheshan Observatory? The port of Shanghai planetarium and Observatory of Sheshan what is the difference? Although there are "astronomical" of the word, but the function and orientation of two completely different. Shanghai planetarium construction headquarters minister Lin Qing introduction, the Sheshan Observatory is the predecessor of French missionaries founded the observatory, the main function is to scientific research. The new Shanghai planetarium will start building is a comprehensive science, it will be through the use of high-tech means to reflect the whole universe science picture, and the whole process of human exploration of the universe, to help the audience clearly establish the overall understanding of the universe, to encourage people to feel the sky, the universe, think about the future. The building reflects the "body" orbit from the architectural renderings, the Shanghai planetarium is "astronomical". Xu Xiaohong Shanghai planetarium construction headquarters Jian’an minister said: "the Shanghai planetarium in the shape of a design fits astronomical elements, like the first glance." It is reported that the Shanghai planetarium building program reflects the concept of "objects" and "orbit". The main building three obvious circular constitute "body" structure; architectural form oval orbit, and three celestial bodies together with the interpretation of the basic law of the movement of celestial bodies, suggesting that the "magic natural force of gravity that shaped the universe today face. Landscape design outside the main building regional haze相关的主题文章: