Shaanxi provincial Party committee secretary Xi’an into China’s Memphis ca1835

Shaanxi provincial Party committee secretary: to build Xi’an into the "China Memphis" core tip: 2007 Lou as a member of the U.S. – China strategic dialogue to visit the United States, this visit let him see, as the "Federal Express" fortune in Memphis, due to the geographical location of its achievements richly endowed by nature become the logistics center of North america. Two years later, he served as vice governor of Shaanxi province started thinking, with similar geographical location of the Shaanxi Metro Airport can create the Chinese version of "Memphis". "Shaanxi is the geometric center of the mainland of China, so the shortest distance between two points in each city, so from the logistics of this planning, it is the most economical and convenient. Coupled with the airspace conditions are good, so now we have to fight it into the country’s famous logistics base, so this effort in this regard".   Phoenix TV broadcast on 9 "Shenzhou" quiz show, in an interview with the Shaanxi provincial Party Secretary Lou Qinjian, the text is as follows: in August 31, 2016, the State Council approved the 7 provinces in the third batch of the FTA test area, one on the list of Shaanxi province is positioned to better play the leading role of "The Belt and Road" construction of the western development, build a new high in the inland of reform and opening up. According to statistics, at present, Shaanxi has more than and 190 countries and regions have established economic and trade ties; Xi’an airport approved 72 hours transit visa; Xi’an new station building a logistics center of the biggest economic zone on the silk road. It has been said that the target of Shaanxi has now become the eastern provinces from the central and Western provinces. Then in the provinces and regions are robbed "The Belt and Road" this huge cake, Shaanxi how to realize the "new speed catch up beyond"? With these curious, not long ago I came to Shaanxi, with the provincial Party Secretary Lou Qinjian had a question and answer. Central trains "to return goods" bidding "to determine the subsidy the The Belt and Road" strategy in China, several provinces have focused on railway. According to statistics, the country has already set up a total of more than 1700 rows of Central European trains, however, the goods to go back to become more and more in the eyes of all the problems in the current class. In March 2016, opened nearly 3 years of Changan for the first time, carrying goods return, "There is an exchange of calls". Sally Wu: the train of "Changan", then in 2016 March for the first time from Kazakhstan back to the goods, in your expectations? Lou: of course this in anticipation, because you will develop a train logistics and people must be able to predict, Shaanxi is the original equipment, such as power equipment, in addition, heavy truck, and oil, steel, oil exports in these parts, and to do more, then the silk road we are the original starting point, and Central Asia more closely linked, we added each year for Central Asia to develop nearly 1000 students, so it has a very good foundation. I would like to do, if Changan can choose a place in Central Asia, it can be fixed can open it, so that goods can be here to Kazakhstan after the agglomeration, agglomeration, and other countries in Central Asia to be transported, long after the people know that Changan is Kazakhstan to Xi’an, Xi’an to.相关的主题文章: