Seventy retired teachers stick to the mini primary school 13 years of dedication education does not

Seventy retired teachers stick to the "mini primary school" 13 years of dedication education does not regret the end – Beijing new network in Nanyang in September 9, (more than seventy jiedan repair division) County of Henan Province town of retired teacher Wang Keqin, volunteered to remote mountain pocket teaching point coach, 13 years to eat at school, teacher, and the parents and the child back across the river and take care of their children, and even bring the textbook way almost fell off a cliff…… As a teacher, Wang Keqin had an obsession, that is "make painstaking efforts carved jade, dedicated to education will not regret!" The depths of the cool autumn. The morning of September 9th 8, Zhenping county is located in Nanyang city Wangjiazhuang two Xiang Ling Guan temple teaching points, 9 age children and the size of the late 7 years the old teacher Wang Keqin singing the national anthem will flag rising. Like this in the mountains to carry out teaching activities, Wang Keqin, has insisted for 13 years. Hurry hurry bring textbooks I almost fell down the cliff period before the start of the autumn of 2003, Zhenping county bureau of education in urban and rural areas to carry out the "one to one" helping activities, began teaching Wang Keqin instinctively enrolled from the age of 18. He did not even think that this move changed his life trajectory. He has never been to the village primary school, said nothing in that primary school teachers are badly needed in the white Liangping at the junction of three counties, the cars are open up after, carrying luggage into the hill. It was August 31st, from 6 in the morning of the first car, after walking around the cliff, times beach, and suffered a heave rain, slippery road difficult to walk into the village before touching the dark days." Many years later, recalled the scene, Wang Keqin is still visible before the eyes. In primary school, no AIDS, no blackboard, an adobe room a few tattered desk, desk behind 6 children yearning eyes, so his life began teaching. Wang Keqin separated the classroom into two, living in one, the children with a class. But his daily activities radius of 10 meters — out of the bedroom is the classroom, to complete the task of teaching has many, 6 children on the first grade, also on the second grade, only need to prepare two lessons at the same time. One day in 2004, Wang Keqin down to the center of the school to help students get textbooks, up the mountain, is already in the afternoon. The winter in the mountainous area dark early, go to the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs days have been completely black, and Wang Keqin lug pole a rub upwards, kick caikong fall, almost rolling down the abyss, thanks to the branches douzhu. Under tough conditions, Wang Keqin held out for 3 years. After retirement does not pay to guard the teaching point 10 years in 2006, Wang Keqin retired. But I heard that two Wangjiazhuang primary school teacher is not long Xiang, Wang Keqin and sit still. He ignored his wife’s advice, back luggage, and went up the mountain. This time, he retired completely is not a pay to support. The school is located on the top of the mountain. 7 students, only his teacher, the 1. Wang Keqin used to eat in the classroom. Every once in a while, he came down back home food, a dried bun is usually a meal. Life)相关的主题文章: