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Seventy Monkey King monkey monkey play: Liuxiaolingtong call my brother – Sohu news in Chengdu city in February 5th, 73 year old Zhu Xingrong is showing Zhu Xingrong and Liuxiaolingtong photo houquan old photos show him better than me, but he is my martial arts skills. 5 on the morning of 10, the 73 year old Zhu Xingrong has a long stick and sword went to the open space district "gestures", holding the metal rod is about 1.65 meters long, the elderly have jump jump maneuvers, completed a freely flowing style of writing, split, stretch, Saul, his number is full of monkey the spiritual, shaking Zhanzhuan roll, kick kick, recruit smooth and clean. In 2012, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer, surgery in 2013 in the hospital after the beginning of convalescence, a year after he started slowly in the area of basic skills training to regain houquan. "I’m going to monkey year, and the thing that master teaches is not strange."." The old man speak sonorous and forceful, hale and hearty, it is worth mentioning that Zhu Xingrong or "Monkey King" Liuxiaolingtong brothers. With the "King" out of the same door yesterday morning, reporters came to the home of Zhu Xingrong, he is not tall, gray hair, wearing a light brown coat, but the eyes of God, in a loud voice. He found a photo album, turn to a photo and said: "this is 1989, Liuxiaolingtong came to visit my master and mistress, the four of us." Zhu Xingrong said, Liuxiaolingtong is a good shot around 1980 "journey to the west" made a special trip to Sichuan, to find his master Xiao Yingpeng pointed houquan, such as body, routine, although two people and no formal ceremony masters, but the same feelings such as mentoring. "He (Liuxiaolingtong) also called me several senior brothers." Reporters found that Zhu Xingrong’s ringtone is the theme song in journey to the west. He is better than me in performance, but he is inferior to me in martial arts accomplishment." Zhu Xingrong said, "Liuxiaolingtong in" journey to the west "played by Sun Wukong very successful, heart to heart happy for him. But the real martial arts performances and Sun Wukong on the screen is not the same, although the integration of a monkey body, some action, but focuses on imitation and artistic processing. As a martial arts boxing, martial arts is more exquisite, exquisite "martial arts essence, power hand tip." In conversation, Zhu Xingrong then shot demonstration to reporters, raising his hand, Zhu Xingrong has even several palm. "Fast, spirit and relentless, is the essence of houquan." The body is "risky" cancer houquan Zhu Xingrong said, in 2012 the hospital diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2013, went to the hospital to do surgery, "after surgery a month, slowly began to practice." He told reporters, started only to do some action on their own to be able to help restore the body, such as a slight movement of the limbs, let the blood circulation better, but the monkey’s off. The monkey is also gradually began to recover in 2014, began to practice some basic movements of monkey." Zhu Xingrong said that in 2014, the basic practice action there is no problem, such as inverted abdomen movement can be done. When a monkey is a half to 2 minutes or so, more than 50 moves).

七旬“猴王”猴年打猴拳:六小龄童都喊我师兄-搜狐新闻 2月5日成都市,73岁的朱兴荣正在展示猴拳 朱兴荣与六小龄童合影旧照   表演上他比我优秀,但是武功造诣上他不如我。   5日上午10点多,73岁的朱兴荣已经带着长棍和长剑走到小区的空地上“比划”起来,手握长约1.65米的金属长棍,腾挪蹿跳间,老人家已经行云流水完成了一套劈、点、绷、扫,他的招式充满了猴之灵性,弹抖翻滚,展转踹踢,收招干净利落。2012年他被确诊患有膀胱癌,2013年在医院进行手术后便开始休养恢复,一年后他又慢慢开始在小区中练基本功,重拾猴拳。“马上就要踏入猴年了,师父教的东西不能生疏了。”老人说话铿锵有力,精神矍铄,更值得一提的是,朱兴荣还是“齐天大圣”六小龄童的师兄。   曾与“大圣”师出同门   昨日上午记者来到朱兴荣家中,他个子不高,头发花白,身穿一件浅棕色棉衣,但眼睛有神,声音洪亮。他找出一本相册,翻到了一张照片说道:“这张是1989年的时候,六小龄童来看望我师父、师娘时,我们四人的合照。”朱兴荣说道,1980年左右六小龄童为拍好《西游记》专程来到四川,找到自己的师父肖应鹏指点猴拳,如一些身法、棍法,虽然两人并没有正式的拜师仪式,但是感情如师徒一样 。“他(六小龄童)还叫过我几次师兄。”记者发现朱兴荣的手机铃声还是《西游记》当中的主题曲。   “表演上他比我优秀,但是武功造诣上他不如我。”朱兴荣说道,六小龄童在《西游记》当中扮演的孙悟空非常成功,打心眼里为他高兴。但是表演和真正的武术不一样,银幕上的孙悟空虽然融合了猴拳的一些身法、动作,但是重在模仿和艺术加工。而作为武术的猴拳不同,武术更讲究力,“武术讲究精、气、神,力量能到手尖。”谈话间,朱兴荣随即出手为记者演示,抬手间,朱兴荣已经连出好几掌。“快、灵、狠、准是猴拳的精髓。”   身体患癌 为猴拳“走险”   朱兴荣说,2012年医院确诊自己患有膀胱癌,2013年去医院做手术,“大概动完手术一个月以后,就开始慢慢练功。”他对记者说道,开始只能做一些能够对自己身体恢复有帮助的动作,比如轻微地活动四肢,让血液循环更好,但是猴拳就没法打了。   “猴拳也是在2014年开始逐步恢复,开始练一些猴拳的基本动作。”朱兴荣说,2014年的时候,基本练功动作就没有问题了,比如倒立收腹等动作都可以做了。打完一套猴拳是一分半到2分钟左右,有50多个招式,“现在很少连续打完一套,基本都是十多个动作串联在一起,分段进行练习,如果练太长,可能体力会跟不上了。”   朱兴荣对记者说道,刚开始知道自己患癌的消息,还是会担心和害怕,但是最担心的还是以后不能练武术。当时医生建议把膀胱拿掉,但是自己不同意,“膀胱拿掉后,前面掉一个袋子,那还怎么练拳呢。”朱兴荣不愿意,于是自己说服医生保留膀胱进行治疗,目前他觉得身体情况稳定,恢复得不错。   成都商报记者 康耕豪 摄影记者 王效(来源:成都商报”字样。违反上述声明者,)相关的主题文章: