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Seriously ill in the study of Sichuan, Nanchong, "porcelain doll" admitted to the University (Figure) – China Doll Du Songmao. In 1997, Du Songmao was born in a worker’s family in southern Nanchong County, he suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, has been unable to walk. In order to cure, he made six surgery before and after, kept running back and forth in Sichuan, Beijing, in order to give him a doctor, spent his savings. It pours, his parents divorced when Du Songmao was ten years old, then Du Songmao and the father. Primary school, Du Songmao began to love learning, in order to alleviate the pain after surgery, he used to read to shift their attention, once again the second attack, in order not to fall, he is all round the clock at home reading, rest at home for two months and then hurried back to school. Although accompanied by pain, but for learning, Du Songmao never give up. Hard work pays off, Du Songmao scored 628 points in the college entrance examination this year, was admitted by the University of Electronic Science and technology. He was sick in the pain of love learning at the age of 5, Du Songmao went to Beijing to undergo surgery, so he can not accept preschool education in kindergarten. After surgery after returning home, he began to love learning, but because of the need for postoperative rehabilitation, he couldn’t go to the primary school grade 1. At first he was looking for some books at home. Later, he asked his parents to buy him some extra-curricular books to read, accompanied by the book, unknowingly, his condition gradually improved. A year later, with the recovery of the body, with a feeling of excitement, he stepped into the gate of primary school. In school, he met a lot of friends, but also gradually into the collective. He found a very interesting class, teacher’s knowledge is very magical, he is full of hope, like hunger and thirst to devote themselves to study. However, Du Songmao’s disease requires follow-up treatment, he had to stop learning, and then go to Beijing for surgery. The operation time is very long, he worried that he could not keep up with the progress of the study, so he silently reading in the ward, do exercises. The side to endure pain after surgery, while the teeth to continue reading. Sometimes in the evening, I was too painful to sleep, then get up and continue to read, put into it, temporarily forget the pain." Du Songmao said. Again he attack round the clock to learn Du Songmao was ten years old, her parents divorced. During that time he was in low spirits, and his grades were fluctuating. But in the end he bravely out of the shadows, wipe tears, continue to move forward. In the end, he admitted to the best results in the county’s best middle school. For Du Songmao, junior high school is a new environment, there are more opportunities to learn, so he put more effort into learning. But fate did not seem to sympathize with him, my disease attack again, he had to terminate their studies and go home again. He knew the importance of learning in junior high school, did not dare to relax after returning home, continue to read. But the junior high school curriculum, he can not fully understand. Teachers and students have learned of his situation to his home to his topic. The rest of the time at home, during the day, Du Songmaolei相关的主题文章: