Samsung will temporarily adjust the production plan of Note7 adobe gamma

Samsung will temporarily adjust the Note7 production plan – Beijing Beijing in October 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhou Rui) 10 evening Chinese Samsung official told reporters the new site, in order to ensure the quality and safety of products, Samsung will temporarily Galaxy Note7 production plan. The person did not introduce the details of the plan adjustment. September 2nd, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Company announced that due to battery defects, recalling its 2 million 500 thousand production of the world’s Le Note7 (Galaxy Note7) smartphone. 14, 2009, the State Administration of quality supervision, China News Agency said the disclosure, SamSung China AQSIQ filing a recall plan, will recall the mainland China affected by the impact of the 1858 Galaxy Note7 digital mobile phone. 2 million 500 thousand overseas recalls and the recall of the mainland market, these two data comparison of the 1858, so Samsung into a double standard whirlpool. Burning loss of Note7 mobile phone and the subsequent recall storm event, said Samsung days ago, did not fully consider the feelings of consumers are not fully explained, it expressed the most sincere apologies to consumers China. Samsung Electronics said that the issue of the recall has not implemented a double standard on the Chinese market. In the China Samsung officially launched Note7 battery from the outset to comply with the safety standards of quality, but also for the U.S. market recall is Samsung mobile phone, and use Chinese line Note7 with a battery to replace. At present, the world has 1 million consumers are using the Chinese version of the line version of the battery Note7 products. Earlier today, the foreign media on the South Korean electronics company decided to suspend the production of Note7 mobile phone news, SamSung China has responded that it has not received a message. (end)相关的主题文章: