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SA: Cheetah mobile transformation or bargain hunting opportunity U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest quotes U.S. investment site SeekingAlpha published prior to the analysis of traders and analysts wrote Ang Shen takes stock cheetah mobile (CMCM) article. Ang Shen focused on Chinese technology stocks, has served as a quantitative trading platform software engineer, founded and operated in London, an electricity supplier company. The analysis of the article excerpt is as follows: This paper summarizes the cheetah mobile actively enter the field of deep learning, help the mobile advertising business. Q3, cheetah mobile business model will be adjusted earlier than expected. Cheetah mobile new spending measures are very effective, its Q2 quarter operating expenses increased by 2%, a record low. The rapid rise in App rankings is the core of the cheetah mobile ability. As of August 24th, and rolling sky in the United States, Google Play and App Store dual platform in the social, game Rankings Top ten. Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng (data map) cheetah mobile Q2 revenue of up to 1 billion 47 million yuan, exceeding the high value of the previous quarter guidelines and analysts estimate $985 million yuan. Q2, cheetah mobile in terms of commercialization has made considerable progress. Compared with the previous partner, cheetah seems to work better with the new partner. Very good mobile advertising network has also been a great success. Cheetah so easily beyond the expected revenue is expected to reshape the commercialization of the market faster than expected. We all know that it takes time to adjust the business model; in most cases, it may take several quarters, especially when the need to establish new business cooperation and the creation of a new direct sales team. Q1, the commercialization of the model makes the cheetah move into trouble. Cheetah valuation fell significantly, because there is no growth in revenue. Now, the cheetah’s business model has been partially adjusted successfully. I believe that the cheetah will be adjusted in the next few quarters. According to Q2 cheetah action, we have to believe that it will speed up the business model adjustment process in Q3. A new chapter in the commercialization of deep learning is clear, now cheetah is trying various ways to accelerate the commercialization of transformation. After the acquisition of News Republic news aggregation platform, the cheetah will not only use the depth of learning to recommend news to users, but also try to use deep learning to promote the commercialization of mobile advertising business transformation. According to the information we have, cheetah mobile advertising platform has so far done very well; some excellent depth learning model has been put into use. Facebook, Amazon, Google mobile advertising revenue in Q2 are very good, they are also used in the depth of learning to strengthen the mobile advertising recommendation system; the results are very good. Investing in deep learning can not be effective in the short term, but in the long run (for example, two to three quarters), it will be very helpful to promote the commercialization of transformation. According to cheetah 3相关的主题文章: