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Russian media: Russian scientists have developed a "moon dual-use" tunneling robot – Shaanxi channel — original title: Russian media: Russian scientists have developed a "moon dual-use" tunneling robot people news according to Russian satellite news Chinese information line news, expert of Russian Academy of Sciences Siberia branch of coal and Coal Chemical Research Institute and Tomsk University of science and technology develop mining robot in operation, including the lunar soil and rock in any cylindrical tunnel. In addition, the robot can also be used to assist the emergency department on the earth to carry out rescue operations under the rubble, or for laying underground communication lines and underground traffic lines. According to the Siberia science news magazine reported that the robot was cylindrical, there is no current tunnel boring machine track, the action is more flexible. In general, the tunnel excavation equipment can only go straight forward, but the robot can dig along the arc path of 25 degree angle. Its underground speed of up to 6 meters per hour. The robot can be used to dig the subway tunnel, but also can be used in the collapse of the housing and mine rescue work. Due to the use of advanced composite materials and alloys, the weight of the robot is only 25 tons, is currently the same weight of the robot by about 1/6. Such a small mass can be transported to the moon for the construction of the underground lunar base. Russian scientists consider using remote control robot. According to earlier reports, the Russian space group is studying the construction of up to 12 people can hold the moon base project. Lunar base construction plan to start before 2035. (commissioning editor Li Jing and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: