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Russia and the United States are preparing for a nuclear war? The US military simulation of dropping the bomb — military — Eastern Russian military exercises launched Islamic Kandel missile. The friction between the United States and Russia recently by the western media has risen to the level of nuclear standoff. According to Western media reports, the United States recently conducted a nuclear test on the model, in order to prepare for the nuclear confrontation with Russia, while Russia in Kaliningrad by deployment of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads in response to the United States and NATO’s step by step. Between the United States and Russia third world war sounds triggered at any moment. Experts believe that the relations between the United States and Russia tensions is not false, but now both Russian actions are not more than the normal range of military operations. Western media hype, on the one hand is to create a gimmick to attract attention, on the other hand, the West deliberately put pressure on Russia means. Canada’s Center for global studies published the website entitled "The Pentagon ready for nuclear war? The U.S. military on simulating nuclear test in the Nevada desert article said that the United States recently in the Nevada desert were two 700 pound bomb put the simulation test, in order to do a good job with the Russian nuclear confrontation preparation. The article said that the U.S. Air Force’s two B-2 bombers over the past few days in the Nevada desert dropped two pounds of nuclear bomb model 700. The Pentagon is not only a public understanding of these tests, but also intends to warn Russia, the United States is testing its old B61 nuclear bomb, to determine its accuracy and reliability, in order to prevent the outbreak of the third world war. In the United States to test a nuclear bomb model at the same time, Russia has not been idle. Reuters quoted U.S. intelligence officials as saying that Russia is Kaliningrad’s deployment of the "Islamic Kandel -M" missile system. "Islamic Kandel" system is Russia’s most advanced tactical missile, a range of about 500 kilometers, theoretically capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Since 2005, the Russian army began to equip the missile. Experts said that Russia is ready to nuclear war over interpretation of many Western media media, hoping to attract attention, and Western politicians and military hopes to put pressure on russia. It is not a rare phenomenon for the US air force to carry out the test of the nuclear bomb model as part of its reliability verification program. Experts said that the primary goal of the flight test is to obtain reliability, accuracy and performance data in a typical combat environment. This test is a part of the weapon system life extension project. U. S. researchers use data from these tests to assess the reliability of the weapon system through a computer simulation program developed by the National Laboratory and to determine whether they are in accordance with design. The United States Navy will also carry out inspection and verification of its nuclear deterrent system, the main approach is to regularly launch a trident II submarine launched intercontinental ballistic missile, with the degree of reliability and readiness test of the missile, usually with the international environment is not linked to the implementation of deterrence is not. Experts said that the deployment of the "Islamic Kandel" Russian missile in Kaliningrad has often been out for something, the United States is often said to deploy anti missile system in Eastern Europe, Russia will take the "Islamic Kandel" missile deterrence to NATO. In fact, the advantage of the missile is not相关的主题文章: