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Rodgers will no longer be captain of the United States? Or to " the Rangers " identity – Chris – Evans return to Sohu entertainment may no longer be put on the "Captain America" in the cartoon image of the Rangers uniform Sohu entertainment news "Captain America" will be landing in September 2nd 3 North American home video market, recently conducted publicity for the film director Anthony Russell and Joe Russell revealed the super hero in "the Avengers 3: Infinite War" in progress — Steve Rodgers will no longer be captain america! (hereinafter "Captain America" or involving 3 spoilers) in "Captain America" at the end of 3, had been in a fight with Toni stark, Steve Rodgers finally threw the shield, and the audience will not see him again. Joe Russell recently received the Huffington Post said in an interview: "he (Steve) away shield behavior is put down his American captain, he admitted that the conflict between the United States captain and his personal choice." Steve Rodgers is no longer the Captain America, then the name of the successor has not been exposed, because the winter soldier is still in slumber, the Falcon may wear Captain America’s uniform, let the spirit to continue. In addition, Chris – Evans played by Rodgers will continue to return to the Avengers 3. Screenwriter Christopher Marcus has revealed that he will be in the fight against the super villain thanos help. Huffington Rodgers is expected to post that "the Tramp" (The Nomad) returned in the comics, the United States team and the government is acting as a break after the wanderer. But this speculation has not been confirmed by the film side. "The Avengers 3" at the end of this year put into production, the film will be with another unnamed "multiple" movie filmed back-to-back. The two films were released in North America in May 4, 2018 and in the year of May 3, 2019.相关的主题文章: