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UnCategorized The magazine look-alike you receive in the mail may say "pain gone in 15 seconds" or "arthritis cured overnight!!!" There’s always a price cut on a pretty high price with the high price figure having a slash through it. The lower price is what YOU the "special customer of the day," will pay, but only f you act now! "Call within five seconds or you will loose out on this special one time deal!" the ad .mands. But I ask you, I really do, if taking one supplement is all that important if you are neglecting the rest of your body. How about curing your arthritis only to have major-league free-radicals running around inside your body footloose and fancy free setting you up for cancer later on in life? It’s just not right! All this focus on one itsy-bitsy area of the body, let’s say its "instant gallbladder wellness" or "urinary tract perfection" or whatever seems to be the pill/supplement for the .plaint DU JOUR. If you had eaten the proper foods and by that I mean whole foods, (i.e. organic whole grains, eggs, seaweed, and steamed clams (steamers are a whole organism, my friends!), chances are you wouldn’t have a localized .plaint in your body. You can get away with eating improperly a little bit if you take a whole foods supplements like Supreme Greens, Juice Plus, or do a whole-body system of healing like The Healing Codes, you’re providing your body with first things first, which is the way it oughtta be! I mean, doesn’t that make fundamental sense??? To take care of your wholeness before you take care of your seperate parted-ness? The next time you get one of those brightly colored, oversized and mini-minded looks like a magazine but certainly isn’t one giant one-sided advertisments in the mail, do what I do, its a strenthening exercise for the biceps- rip it into as large an amount of itsy-bitsy pieces pieces as you can! Then go sprinkle the conffetti in the drive-thru of your nearest fast food retaurant! Have a mini parade, a one car fanfare, for the whole foods groups. And guess what? YOU won’t be the clown in that parade, no sir, you’ll be the winner of the best float, albeit the only float, in the whole-foods parade! I love Dr. Whitaker. I mean I LOVE HIM. Pick up n his .ments by going to Dr. Whitaker… He has this to say about garlic, for example, after touting chicken soup as an immune inhancer! "Garlic also has a well-deserved reputation as an immune enhancer. Garlic provides the phytochemical allicin, its most active .pound, to strengthen your body’s immune response, and assist your liver function. Raw garlic is the best source of allicin. If you can’t handle the taste raw, try microwaving or baking garlic until it is tender. This will take away some of the burn and sweeten the taste." Now there’s some good advice! Won’t cost much, garlic, and it won’t be hard to find, either. Add it it a chicken soup full of vegetables thrown in at the last moment for softening up but not long enough to kill the enzymes, ( approximatley 1 to two minutes before serving) and you ‘ve got a pretty potent potion for immunity. Another thing dr Whitaker is big on is rest and relaxation. Heck, they don’t cost anything! He says, about stress, that it isn’t "…. a parking ticket, a missed bus, or a hectic day at work. It isn’t a family argument, a tight budget, or a snooty sales clerk. Stress isn’t even a divorce, the loss of a loved one, or a health challenge. Stress is actually your body’s response to these internal and external events and situations. And while small doses of stress can keep you on your toes, chronic, everyday stress and your subsequent reaction to it may have serious implications for your health and well-being. Exercise, prayer, meditation, yoga, and deep breathing are all popular stress management tools. They decrease stress and anxiety and, consequently, improve your overall health." Now when was excercise (walking is the best exercise) costly? And you can’t bottle up deep breathing, put a label on it and charge people $49.99 for a month’s worth of deep breaths. Sure, Dr. Whitaker has his own line of products, but he continuously touts the freebies first, such as treating the WHOLE BODY first through exercise, meditation, and yoga!This emphasis is pricless, in my opinion, for he takes things you already have, namely a set of legs, and invites you to make use of them, for your health, stress reduction, as well as boosting your immune system. And he’s not getting rich off of giving this advice. His newsletter is free to anyone who wants it. If you’d like to subscribe go it visit the website I mentioned before. There’s a short application form. Fill it out and you’ll be all set! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: