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Rice water washing about   anti-aging freckle white Da – Fashion – people.com.cn original title: the Tao Mishui face about anti-aging freckle white DA can not underestimate the washing water, washing water is a treasure. Taomi Shui can be used to wash dishes to wash up. Adhere to wash your face and hands will make the skin smooth and elastic, rice water had been used as a soap substitute. Now pay attention to the Tao Mishui face most of the MM have been accustomed to using Cleansing Cream to clean the face, in fact, some folk methods for clean the face of dirt is good Oh, rice washing water contains ingredients can wash the face of dirt, including vitamin B, E can also help keep the skin moist, so right methods of rice water washing is what? Here’s a look at it. Rice water washing step rice water washing step by step, don’t let the water washing water drained, precipitation for a moment, take it a layer of relatively clean water to wash your face. Rice water washing steps of the second step in order to achieve a better effect, we use the bamboo charcoal sponge dipped into the rice water, on the face massage, charcoal adsorption dirt ability, so it can absorb the skin deep dirt. There are about third rice water washing step, with rice water after washing the face, we still have a magical beauty items, is corn! This is a good helper. There are about fourth rice water washing step, the corn kernels crushed, put on a cotton pad for facial massage, you will find that the corn on the face massage process is very magical, very comfortable. There are about fifth rice water washing step, all clean and remove horniness after work, don’t forget the follow-up care, apply toner is necessary. There are about sixth rice water washing step, if you feel that is not fun, can give the eye also do a nursing work, simply apply a mask, let eye skin and facial skin as transparent, but also to avoid the black rim of the eye is too obvious. Pay attention to wash rice water wash your face with a cleanser, Taomi Shui massage skin for 3 minutes, then wash with warm water. Every day can prevent freckles growth. Washing water not only has the efficacy of skin, and small particles which are rich in vitamin E and other ingredients with affinity scrub ability. In your slight rub, it can remove excess facial aging skin, improve cell metabolism ability. Composition of rice bran oil in rice water, rich in vitamin B and E can protect the skin from UV radiation, but also can prevent the generation of melanin, to achieve fair and clear skin effect. Wash your face every morning and evening for the first time, gently massage and pat face, make the nutrients penetrate the skin washing water, and finally washed with water. Sensitive skin also applies. Rice water washing is very particular about the way, every day Taomi, drained the water first, leaving second Taomi Shui, let it slowly clear water, then part of the top face of the face, white and delicate, you may wish to try oh. (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: