Response to public health risks at the WHO Western Conference held-puritans pride

To deal with public health risk who Western Pacific Regional Conference – Beijing, China News Agency, Xiamen (reporter Chen Yue) in November 2, WHO in the Western Pacific and the China national quality inspection administration 2, jointly held in Xiamen, WHO designated port of entry to strengthen core competence construction of regional conference". The meeting pointed out that in recent years, the international Middle East respiratory syndrome, Ebola epidemic, Zhai card, yellow fever epidemic or outbreak continued, with the increasingly frequent personnel exchanges and transportation convenience, the cross-border spread of infectious diseases and public health emergencies outbreak risk continues to increase, the challenge to the west world the Pacific port of entry to deal with public health emergencies. To this end, the conference delegates will share all countries to strengthen the port of entry public health emergency to prepare lessons and experience, discuss how to strengthen the core capacity building, international cooperation strategy to improve the public health emergency response. Attend the meeting of the State Quality Inspection Administration Deputy Director China Chen Gang said, "Chinese will strictly fulfill the international health regulations (2005)", is committed to the core capacity building, close cooperation with the Western Pacific countries and regions of the competent health authorities at the port, and Di Yuxin together to prevent infectious disease outbreaks caused by the threat of safety and social economic development and jointly safeguard the health and safety of West Pacific region. This conference held in Xiamen, is the world’s first international "double Chuangwei city", namely WHO advocated the establishment of International Sanitary Airport and international health ports. Conference delegates will also observe the scene in Xiamen, visit the port to deal with infectious diseases to take measures. (end)相关的主题文章: