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Life Chinese remodeling: Song Weiping town – Beijing ideal landing large real estate — note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. Traffic congestion, increased haze, indifferent interpersonal relationships, so that more and more people choose to flee the city, the town has become the best way of life. The ideal town 2016 in the industry set off a peach spring tide, finally came to Beijing. After leaving the flat floor residence for the mountains Chinese garden, the two generation of senior classic Cheng Park, Beijing Hangzhou Plaza Beijing, today Chinese luxury Godfather Song Weiping hailed him as "fall from heaven to earth" town products to Beijing. Peach spring city life, arouse the feelings of a year ago in May 8th, Hangzhou peach spring of a micro villa products released the news, brush a friend over WeChat national reading circle, just 4 days more than 480 thousand. Chinese hongbian. Then a period of two nearly more than and 790 villas have been fighting for a space, create a Chinese market "peach spring" phenomenon. Behind this phenomenon, is the research on the town 16 years under the leadership of Song Weiping and his green blue city. Is the concentrated expression of peach spring 16 years of research. She echoed the city’s air pollution, traffic congestion, interpersonal indifference, and so on, "urban disease" of the people living on the torture of the urgent pursuit of the environment, to our lives, blowing a comfortable breeze. The ideal Town, after the warm dialogue way of life in the Chinese exchange settled, Mr. Song Weiping will be more energy devoted to the blue city town construction. His ideal town plan, completely beyond the real estate development, with agriculture, culture and education as the leading industry, the depth of integration of education, medical care, pension, park service and transboundary resources, to form a complete solution of urbanization in the outskirts of the city. In all the town of blue city, a great treasure of scenery, culture and industries is the first factor; different planning and features are the second elements; the pursuit of traditional culture in the "Datong" realm, make living in the town’s people play their proper role to promote new autonomous management mode, with all human services "that is the third elements of the town. Based on the complete hardware support of the town center, supporting the design of light pension customized, large health management service system, APP intelligent service platform, time bank, etc……. Covering all aspects of living, health, education, agriculture, commerce, etc., to create a paradise to fall. Under the blue city garden town is no exception, according to the preliminary plan, the town covers an area of 3800 acres will also have three core functions of health maintenance, modern agriculture, leisure and tourism. Zhangjiakou, Beijing, the West Wing of the Olympic city of Zhangjiakou under the Garden District, next to the crow Hill 3800 acres of idyllic scenery, the first factor is undoubtedly the most fit blue city town. Here the beautiful scenery around Taihang Mountain, and the Yanshan mountains, the air quality index in the north of the Yangtze River 37 city ranked first, negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of up to 22000, the greater Beijing is a world of difference and close at hand. The 2022 Olympic Winter Games, Zhangjiakou and Beijing will be closely linked. Winter Games project相关的主题文章: