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The new trends of research: more than 200 agencies get together this company – Sohu stock market this week continued in 3000 above the narrow range, the Shanghai stock market turnover remained at a low level of 150 billion yuan. The core index closes with a small candle, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.03%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.49%, small board and gem index rose 1.41% and 0.56% respectively. Shock in the market, where to go? Data treasure Xiaobian statistics, nearly a week (from September 16th to September 22nd) 109 companies jointly survey. The type of research institutions, brokerage research is the most widely used, as many as 90 companies, namely more than 80% research activities of listed companies involved in the brokerage company research fund; 48, followed by 42; private research, ranking third; to sound investment specializing in insurance companies and overseas institutions respectively of the 23 listed companies visited. From the number of research, Goldwind accept 4 investigation; boss appliances, Southeast grid, Riyadh, tricyclic group, LEYBOLD tech received 2 research institutions; the development of information, sunway communication has 1 Research records. Gold wind science and technology received nearly 4 batches of specific object research, involving institutions of the last 4. Boss appliances in September 19th, 20, received the 2 batch of specific object research, involving agencies of the 8. According to the record sheet investor relations activities on the 19 day of Fubon securities boss electric survey, including questions about the current retail and electricity suppliers accounted for the proportion of income, whether the product price plan, operating income grew larger reasons. The answer given by the company is: the current retail channels accounted for more than 60%, accounting for about 30% of the electricity supplier channels. Prices are mainly in the presence of new products, new products will have a certain price increase, roughly 5%-6% per year. The main reason for the growth of non operating income is mainly due to the local government policy of financial returns and the company’s intelligence projects to obtain state subsidies. Boss electric semi annual profit growth in revenue, the operating income grew 24%, net profit growth of 38%. Benefit from the steady growth of corporate performance and cost effective control, three quarter profit is expected to grow from 20% to 40%. From the number of research institutions, research institutions by Sunway communication reached 254, ranked the top; information development, the distance was more than 50 photoelectric institutions intensive visits. Sunway communication in September 18th to accept the 254 fund, brokerage, insurance, private institutions such as telephone interview. According to the disclosure of the record sheet investor relations activities in a question and answer session, focus on issues such as: the 5G market is the potential size of the market for how many billions of Sunway communication, how much profit contribution, the market has no similar competitors preparing accordingly etc.. Sunway communication semi annual performance of bright, operating income and net profit growth of 51% and 131% respectively. Since August 4th, the stock market opened a shock rise, the cumulative gain rose 30% this week, the highest price reached 24.98 yuan, hit a new high since May, ex dividend stock. Performance, the 109 companies were surveyed, the 84 semi annual profits appear相关的主题文章: