Ren Zhengbin unveiled the double conference of the old play bone Biao play down to earth-musiland

Ren Zhengbin unveiled the "double" conference of the old play bone Biao play down to earth as Zhengbin, Wang Ziwen (information) Tencent entertainment news recently, Ren Zhengbin was invited to attend Jiangsu TV drama "double" held in Beijing Broadcasting conference. Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen and cast together on stage, Ni Hongjie et al. Ren Zhengbin plays a seemingly treacherous cunning, but true to life deputy director of the Kuomintang baomiju Liu Fu. The conference site, Ren Zhengbin dressed in a dark suit and all the creative debut, share the fun of the shooting process. The host should be in the conference site, all the creative points to the Communist Party and the Kuomintang camp two. Ren Zhengbin as the villain on behalf of the first to introduce myself in the drama played the role of Liu Fu – play with Peng Gang (Zu Feng) first confront the villain play, Ren Zhengbin said: Although the play and played by Zu Feng Peng just outdone, to use unscrupulous divisive tactics reveal his true identity, but the filming process working with Zu Feng is a tacit understanding. Two people are relatively calm personality, grasp the role is also in place. The two person play is very comfortable. Zu Feng is also a timely response to agree. When it comes to "double" and other spy drama is not at the same time, Ren Zhengbin said: "this play with previous spy drama than in addition to spy content should be such as burning brain plot, characters between the delicate and complex relationship, is a big attraction. That will let the audience feel that these agents heroes are people, there is affection, love, friendship ties, very down to earth." It is reported that the conference final, as with all the creative Zhengbin together to participate in the game – burning brain who is undercover, Ren Zhengbin as the first player to speak, because the content is too specific, too easy for other people to guess the answer, this Wang Ziwen is waiting to speak out in an attempt to confuse the public for the first time. Blind real undercover. The interaction between Ren Zhengbin and creator of the game, also won the audience bursts of laughter and applause. It is worth mentioning that, after the end of the conference, Ren Zhengbin met fans waiting in the background, as Zhengbin cordial greeting fans and fans, Ren Zhengbin said he was looking forward to "double" performance, will also support Ren Zhengbin as in the past.相关的主题文章: