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Remember the taste of nostalgia, inheritance of national spirit – Sohu news high uncle, more than 60 years old, and his wife live in the unit dormitory, in charge of different neighborhoods. He said, "the year of sanitation workers is not clear, but the granddaughter has graduated from kindergarten to high school." In these more than 10 years, uncle Gao and his wife never had any Spring Festival holidays, and every year their children came to see them from home. He said he was very homesick, "the older, the more you want to tell the kids at home have a lively spring festival." General secretary Xi Jinping once said, "what is nostalgia?" Nostalgia is the way you miss it when you leave this place." This is full of nostalgia and tenderness of the literary words, perhaps such as numerous high uncle of ordinary people, and can not accurately tell the meaning of. But their simple feelings are full of nostalgia. Home is the sustenance of homesickness. Nostalgia is a kind of beautiful emotion, has been the symbol of the Chinese nation is hard to give up, but also the hearts of the people in the most simple, the most extensive, the most profound feelings. There are family reunion, love, friendship, communication, interaction and fusion, makes the traditional Chinese custom for thousands of years and timeless, can let people remember nostalgia. The day before a Shandong passenger in the Zibo Railway Station face came to bid farewell to his parents, suddenly knees can not afford, and parents to knock his head, this scene let countless people moved. The son of nearly fifty years but not in the guardian parents filial parents; nearly 8 years late but helpless lonely empty nest. This is the portrayal of countless ordinary people’s family life, helpless, happy, because of concern, because of missing, because the deep feelings of the Chinese nation nostalgia. "Spring Festival every year, I hope both children come back, and" fear "children come back. Because they’ll be back for a few days, and they’re going to leave home." Zhang Linfen, a grandmother in Lishu County, Siping City, Jilin Province, speaks a lot of parents’ aspirations.

记住年味乡愁 传承民族精神-搜狐新闻   高大爷今年60多岁,和老伴儿一起住在单位的宿舍里,分管着不同的街区。他说“做环卫工的年头算不清了,但孙女已经从幼儿园到高中毕业了。”这十多年,高大爷和老伴儿从来没有什么春节假期,每年都是儿女从家里赶来看他们。他说他也很想家,“人年纪越大,就越希望能跟孩子们在自己家里热热闹闹地过个春节。”   习近平总书记在考察中曾说,“什么是乡愁?乡愁就是你离开这个地方会想念的。”乡愁这个充满文艺和柔情的词语,或许无数像高大爷这样的普通百姓,并不能准确说出其中蕴意。但是他们内心质朴的情感却是无处不乡愁。   家是乡愁的寄托。乡愁是一种美好的情感,一直以来就是中华民族难以割舍的符号,也是老百姓心中最为质朴、最为广泛、最为深刻的情怀。有团聚,才有亲情、爱情、友情的交流、互动与融合,才让中华民族传统习俗历经千年而历久弥新,才能让人们记得住乡愁。   日前一位山东旅客在淄博火车站面对前来送别自己的父母,突然跪地不起,并对着父母磕起了头,这一幕让无数国人感动唏嘘。儿子年近半百却不能守护在父母身边尽孝;双亲年近8旬却无奈独守空巢。这是无数普通人家庭生活的写照,无奈着,幸福着,因为牵挂,因为思念,因为那深深的中华民族乡愁情怀。   “每年春节,我是既盼子女回来,又‘怕’子女回来。因为他们回来呆不了几天,就又要离开家了。”吉林省四平市梨树县张林芬奶奶说出了许多为人父母的心声。相关的主题文章: