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The Internet by brush face Yunnan’s first Internet self-service cash register system in the Internet by the new network pilot – brush face in Yunnan province’s first self-service Cafe cashier system pilot in Chenggong Yunnan news (reporter Yang Zhihui) to the Internet, must carry identity cards. Chenggong District university city is an Internet cafe and ordinary Internet cafes can be not the same, no cashier, Internet ID card directly to the self-service cash register account, brush face card on the line. It turned out that this is the first time in Yunnan, Chenggong police in Kunming Province pilot self-service Internet banking system, the use of biometric technology to verify and identify the identity of the internet. According to the Chenggong police, the Internet is a self-service cash register system verifies the identification of personnel identity using biological recognition technology, because the human inherent physiological characteristics (such as fingerprint, face) only, can achieve effective control of the Internet users real name. The system for the first time when you need to use the recognition ratio of my identity card and face image, in recognition by, can register, bind the mobile phone number and fingerprint in the next Internet, can bind directly through the mobile phone number and fingerprint combined with face recognition can check on the net. At the same time, the system uses the number of bound mobile phones, each time the customer with the corresponding identity card number to log on to the mobile phone number to send a dynamic password, effectively solved the problem with the other identity card online. According to Internet self-service cash register system suggest that the first identification and alignment to identity cards and facial images, in recognition through, can register, pay 1 yuan of money through Alipay, join the Internet cafes membership. Then the phone number to bind, and enter the fingerprint, after the completion of these operations, you can enjoy life without identity card Internet privileges, the whole process but 3 minutes. After each time the Internet, you can directly through the phone number and fingerprint combined with the face recognition can be registered on the network. At the same time, the system uses the number of binding mobile phone, each time with the corresponding identity card number to log on to the mobile phone number to send a dynamic password. After binding can not worry about other people use their identity cards online. Internet cafes since the trial operation of the self checkout system, access to Internet users and Internet cafe owners alike. Internet cafe official said that the introduction of the self-service banking system, the Internet cafes to achieve the transition from the traditional manpower to the machine than the change, to avoid the problem of manual verification inaccurate. At the same time, it also realizes the transformation from "the bar" to "self help", the self-service Internet system reduces the operating cost of Internet cafes, and provides a more efficient and orderly operation order for Internet cafes. Internet users in the first time through the registration status information after registration, the fingerprint information of facial recognition, you can open the Internet, but also greatly facilitate the Internet consumers, open the brush face era".相关的主题文章: