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Elder-Care All the children in this world are born with equal rights, but unfortunately they are not born in homes with equal status and wealth. Those who are born in rich family are lucky and will be facilitated with all the necessities of life, while; on the other hand, those who are born in poor families may suffer for a long time and struggle even for the basic needs. Every parents work hard to fulfill the needs of their children according to their resources, but the poors who live hand to mouth are unable to fulfill the basic necessities of their children. In India a large population of children is forced by their parents to work and bring the money in very early age, the age of attending schools and colleges. Child labor eradication Child labor is .mon now a day in India, most of the working children want to study, but they do not have the resources to fulfill their desire. The Relief India Trust is an organization working in many areas for supporting people of India and also working on child labor eradication from the India by helping the people. This trust is doing its best for the relief of the people and ultimately for the relief of children. The main goal of this organization in this field is to provide basic necessities of life to the people of India. Health facilities for new born Many children die in India due to no health facilities reaching to them. In early age, the new born are more prone to diseases as the immune system is not developed so well to .bat the different diseases, and also their parents do not have the resources to get the best treatment for their children. Most of the people of India lives in remote areas and do not have proper living facilities, they live where ever they find an empty place even with debris and dirt. Living at these places expose the parents and their children more to bacterial and viral diseases, as the immune system of adults is developed much and produces antibodies to fight against some bacterial and viral disease. But the immune system of children is not developed much so they get the infection and it may lead to death due to no or less health facilities. The Relief India Trust is working hard to provide the health facilities to the people and their children. This trust is focusing to provide health facilities at every corner of the country, in the form of hospitals, small clinics and also hiring nursing and medical staff for this purpose. Sanitation for all Some remote areas of the India also do not have the facility of clean and germ free water. No proper drainage system is available, so the waste water is mixing into the drinking water and people are left with no choice, as they are unable to get the clean water. Adults and children are suffering from water born diseases, and a large number of people die due to drinking of unhygienic water. The Relief India Trust is also working in this area to provide clean water to the people of India for the better future of India About the Author: 相关的主题文章: