Reliance Digital A Truly indian Store-stand by me shinee

Business With over 150 international and national brands and over 4000 products available under one roof, Reliance Digital is certainly a store of magnanimous proportions. This electronics retail format, which originates from the house of Reliance Industries Limited, is a well known player in the electronics retail segment. And what makes it tick with the Indian customer, most assuredly, is its strong value proposition. There are many things that work in favor of Reliance Digital. For one, the store offers plenty of products are very reasonable price points. It boasts of the largest display of models in Audio and Video products (TV’s, DVD players, Car Audio players), Electronic Musical Instruments and Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles and Games, Computers and Peripherals, Mobile and Fixed line instruments, durables like Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Water Purifiers, Kitchen and Home Appliances. It is a one-stop shop for all things electronics, cutting the need for visiting multiple stores for better understanding of different brands. What strikingly pushes it away from other electronic chains is its value-oriented pricing and value- based appeal. The prices match every budget and preference and since the store bears an association to Reliance, an element of trust seeps in with every purchase decision. At Reliance Digital, customers are offered a chance to try and feel every product before they make a purchase at their specially designed Experience Zones (for high-end entertainment systems like home theatres, televisions, home and car music systems), meant to simulate true-to-life conditions to make a customer understand better how a product blends in with a home environment. This is a unique feature, not offered by others, which play up to yet another Indian sentiment of assessing a products quality through firsthand experience. From favorable price points, value-for-money outlook, subliminal value of trust from Reliance and a product variety that is uncompromised any level; these are just some of the things that work to the success of Reliance Digital. Six years since its inception, the format has come a long way in terms of silhouetting itself in way that best appeals to the Indian-ness in every customer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: