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Reimbursement range is not the same throughout the national roaming is also a few steps away from the core of the remote medical treatment of instant settlement, is the wish of many floating population. At present, the community sector has put forward the "municipal – Province – provinces of the national health care network" three steps "idea. Experts suggest that in order to realize the real-time settlement remote medical treatment, the need to co-ordinate and strengthen the sharing of information between the country, should also implement the territorial supervision, to avoid the waste of funds; to strengthen the treatment to prevent the "crowding out effect". The day before, Hainan has signed a cooperation agreement with the 30 provinces, to achieve full coverage of remote medical billing. Now there is such a group: they are sick in the residence of medical treatment, but to return to the original insured reimbursement of medical expenses. In the increasingly frequent population movements in the background, especially the inter provincial remote medical treatment, can generally achieve instant settlement? Medical insurance national roaming, but also how long? This reporter conducted an interview. Back home, reimbursement, 3 weeks to receive the money of Medicare patients provinces remote medical immediate settlement can not, is a long-standing problem over the health care institutions and the insured. In 2009, Guangzhou began to try to develop the remote medical provinces. Due to the health insurance policy, the insured level, the scope of reimbursement are very different, to promote the settlement of remote medical networking is particularly difficult. In June 2011, after various efforts, Guangzhou city and Hunan, Hainan, Yunnan 3 provincial medical insurance agencies, and Fuzhou, Nanchang, Nanning, Chengdu, Changsha pan PRD capital city health insurance agencies, signed the "Pan Pearl River Delta region and part of the province capital city social medical insurance remote medical treatment cooperation framework agreement" together, to explore the implementation of the pan PRD regional medical insurance insured remote medical immediate settlement work. In Beijing, the insured patients to the hospital in Hebei, Yanjiao Yan hospital, emergency or birth, you can return to Beijing reimbursement. So far has not yet achieved offsite Medicare reimbursement." Relevant person in charge of the hospital, said, after the insured patients in Beijing to Yanjiao to see a doctor, only reimbursement process generally have to go for three or four months, the fastest also need a month or so. This does not include the complexity of the placement process before the settlement of reimbursement time." Wang Dejun, 68 years old, from the northeast. 2011, the king’s son in Beijing to buy a new house, took him over. Taking into account the age has been high, Uncle Wang early to run their own off-site medical procedures. "To do a temporary residence permit, and then to the district health center, streets and designated 3 hospitals cover Qi chapter, Liaoning back home please health center seal, these chapters set together, put the remote medical insurance formalities. In this way, we do not need to be transferred to the hospital in Beijing proved." However, Wang Dejun did not find a hospital until really sick, this set of cumbersome procedures is only a certificate to save a referral. Really want to submit an expense account, a little trouble is not less: after hospitalization, first with the home health center report, what is the disease, in which the hospital to see, have to say, but also to the specific number of beds." After discharge, save all kinds of documents, or have to return home reimbursement. This is just, the key can not be reported at the time, let me go back to 3 weeks after the reimbursement of money." Wang Dejun)相关的主题文章: