Recommendation vice monitor Tewinter Dutch war home court answers – Sohu sunny came home

Recommendation: vice monitor Tewinter Dutch war plan – home court game time: 2016 Sohu 10.29          Saturday   02:00 0.74    asian handicap:     Twente     0.75        Rhoda JC    1.08 European index 1.52      4.20      4.65 match Preview: Saturday morning Holland Tewinter years of silence in the Eredivisie triggered at any moment, the new season, the club in the League breakthrough, which ranks among the season Champions League tournament. The last round of league team at the 2 – 0 victory ahead eagles, shadow front, midfielder B. Y. Yeboah SERINA respectively in the second half to the team, the team is also an important contributor to take all 3 points. The Twente League has come to fifth, if the war can beat Rhoda JC points will continue to approach the eindhoven. Rival Rhoda JC currently to accompany the cellar dwellers, although the recent two match unbeaten team to score, but the team after digging is too large, causing them to support deep level vortex. And the last 7 times the face of Tewinter, the team 6 times return in low spirits. It is not difficult to see that the two sides are not only on the strength of the gap, but the play is completely suppressed opponents, Rhoda JC is a close call. After the game the asian handicap index opened a unified, the 0.75 part of the body extends twin disc, pressure plate water level also relatively low, from the analysis of past confrontation, Twente indeed full advantage, the main victory is in good agreement with the disc collocation. Market outlook is not too much exception, the initial opinion of the special winter home win 3 points. Half the recommendation: Ping Sheng, Dong Sheng, negative score recommended: 4:1, 1:0 Beijing single field Tewinter (-1), SMG recommended: 31 let the ball Shengping Fu Twente (-1) recommended: 31 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 3相关的主题文章: