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Recommendation nine belly fish tofu carrot soup recommended in Clinical Nutrition Department of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital recommend those who need a tasty and healthy coexistence of people 2 materials: carrot root (about 200g), tofu 1 (South or North tofu tofu can choose according to personal taste), nine belly fish 6, coriander little (3 copies). Practices: wash carrot peeled, clean cut tofu, nine fish belly wash head to the belly to the bone. Add 1500ml water in the pot, put the carrot and tofu, boil for 10 minutes, then put the prepared nine belly fish into the boil for 5 minutes, add coriander wash cut slightly boil, seasoning with salt can be. Tang comments: Nine belly meat tender and slippery, very delicious. But some people say it’s the meat like the nose. So usually only used to eat fried, rarely soup. In fact, thin taste, really not nausea, taste is also very good. Do not always want to burn some thick broth, sometimes for a taste, it is a different kind of fresh. Today, the introduction of this soup, tofu, although the material is a plant-based food, but it’s like meat as a protein belongs to high-quality protein, that is to eat it can eat less meat. As soy products, it is not as high as the legendary 122.5mg, each 100g is only 55.5mg, belonging to the medium level, much lower than the average lean pork per 100g containing a lot. So if the use of soybean products instead of a portion of the meat, can effectively reduce the purine intake (must have the effect of replacing part of meat Oh, if meat eat tofu, or will be particularly easy to induce gout, the culprit just eating patterns, food and not innocent tofu). Soy products are usually easy to cause a postprandial increase in uric acid, so acute gout is not suitable to drink this soup. A bowl of soup, can satisfy your pursuit of food and health. (Guangzhou daily)相关的主题文章: