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"Real men 2" Friday night blood Zitao released yellow into joy play Sohu   entertainment; Huang Zitao joy play Sohu entertainment news on Friday night 20:20, CO produced by empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? The air force continues to feel the blood report released curious Huang Zitao to camp all show nunchaku, mad to do push ups, and even violent collision with the monitor, upright self character the audience constantly hot. In the new phase of the program, Huang Zitao continued its upright style, together with the new challenge and the difficulty of training and upgrading, in the rest period did not forget to brag but were propose. The "Tao was bragging, then prone" upright character in the first phase of the program, do pushups, crowned "prone Tao" of Huang Zitao, the second phase of the program also failed to get rid of the fate of doing push ups. The monitor carefully organized "eat melon" game, Huang Zitao ridicule female "eat really gentle". However, good times don’t last long won the "eat melon," the game Huang Zitao has once again felt the dramatic ending. What happened to Huang Zitao said: "winning do push ups? Back to the dormitory, Huang Zitao still did not forget to brag and his comrades: "my best is to push up." But let Huang Zitao suddenly monitor instantly betrayed. In the shooting competition, hear their results, why Huang Zitao was a visual monitor? Everything at this Friday evening program will know. Verse frequent, Huang Zitao shows God up the knife seems to want to say, don’t forget the moment funny character made Huang Zitao the eight recruits the joy of play. A new program, Huang Zitao continued to show the ability of various God up the knife so that his comrades be caught off guard, making jokes constantly. What, let Huang Zitao bluntly, do not want to stand next to Sun Yang, what is it, so that the fierce collision with Huang Zitao and the occurrence of the ""? In the downhill training, Zhang Huang Zitao blueheart God up the knife: "remember, you are a man, is to become one of the word in this program. Life in the camp there is joy and suffering Huang Zitao with upright personality has become the show the joy of play. "I am proud that I have been a soldier and changed too much from a wild horse to a real soldier." The first phase after the broadcast, Huang Zitao sighs at micro-blog, also spoke of the voice, every Air Force recruits are in constant growth, experience in October 28th, Friday night 20:20 "real man" in season second? Air force, let us continue to pay attention.相关的主题文章: