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"Quit addiction" lethal injury prone expert: the establishment of industry qualification standard Author: Willow disappeared from public view for many years Yang Yongxin has returned. As a self media reports "a devil" and he still unpunished, quickly gained the attention of the public. Seven years ago, the media exposed addiction treatment center of Fourth Hospital of Linyi City, Shandong director Yang Yongxin "adolescent" restriction of personal freedom, to the youth physical and mental abuse by electric shock "shock therapy". At that time, the Ministry of health to safety and effectiveness is not the exact grounds, an emergency stop around the electrical stimulation (or electric shock) clinical application for treatment of "Internet addiction" technology. However, seven years later, it was discovered that Yang Yongxin used shock treatment "Internet addiction" behavior continues, similar to the national addiction treatment center is still in enrollment, still use "restricted freedom" and "corporal punishment" to tame "youth addiction". "Internet addiction" mental illness "is the average daily online for more than 6 hours, and lasted for more than 3 months; the use of the network is not for the purpose of learning and work or not conducive to their learning and work; daily life and social function is damaged……" General Hospital of Beijing Military Region medical science, Chinese addiction adolescent mental growth base director Tao formulated "Internet addiction clinical diagnostic criteria", described it as "Internet addiction" symptoms, he believes that Internet addiction is indeed a disease, the need for medical treatment. According to media reports, in 2013, the American Psychiatric Association for the first time in the Tao "Internet addiction clinical diagnostic criteria" included in the official publication of the association of "diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders" (DSM-5), used for diagnosis of mental illness on "online game addiction". However, in the domestic medical profession, whether the Internet addiction is a mental illness, not yet conclusive. In 2013 15, jointly issued by the Ministry of education and other departments of the Ministry of culture, "minors online game addiction comprehensive control project work plan" is also clearly stated: "at present, yet meet the conditions of our country Internet addiction diagnostic assessment scale of the status quo, to mobilize research institutions, mental health institutions of the power of the parties, addiction diagnostic evaluation the localization of the system development". Mental health law of the twenty-sixth paragraph of the provisions of the second: mental disorders classification, diagnostic criteria and treatment norms, by the State Council department of health administrative organization. While in the State Planning Commission under the Chinese classification and diagnostic criteria of mental disorders issued by Chinese Medical Association’s "(Third Edition)", the reporter did not find "similar expressions of addiction belong to mental disease". Although China has no authority and related laws that Internet addiction is a kind of "spiritual disease", but some "addiction treatment center" but as addiction treatment for mental illness, which caused the public questioned. Emergency stop "shock therapy" in Shandong Province, the fourth hospital of Linyi, its predecessor is Linyi city mental hospital, is a hospital to treat mental illness mainly, the hospital "addiction treatment center" because of the person in charge Yang Yongxin created the "shock therapy" and known throughout the country. The treatment is based on the principle of "electrical stimulation and aversion therapy""相关的主题文章: