Quanzhou network about cars prices below 150 thousand will not be released details on the road-cagliari exchange

Quanzhou car prices below 150 thousand about details released will not be on the road this morning, Quanzhou City Road Transport Management Office official website officially released the "Quanzhou online booking taxi business service management implementation details", implemented since November 1, 2016. Since then, the Quanzhou network (micro-blog) network appointment of a taxi (hereinafter referred to as the network about car) management with the new deal. By the Quanzhou Municipal Transportation Commission, the Municipal Commission by letter, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, municipal industry and Commerce Bureau, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the city network letter office jointly issued. It drops express Quanzhou branch, Quanzhou market at present on the network about the car drops a total of about 80000 vehicles, more than 9 vehicles prices for 100 thousand yuan. Net about vehicle price of not less than 150 thousand yuan in addition to the "Interim Measures" provisions conditions of network booking taxi business service management, the operators, the city in the net about car service driver and vehicle, should also meet the following requirements: network operators should be about the car in the city industrial and commercial registration (registration of corporate enterprises outside the administrative area of this Municipality, shall set up branches in the city. The registration of industrial and commercial registration) In the county (city, district) engaged in the network about car service at the same time should have the appropriate localization services. Have a taxi passenger class qualification license of the driver, to be engaged in the network about car service, in accordance with the provisions of the conditions and the conditions after verification, two levels of city and county transportation departments can be directly issued "online appointment card" taxi driver. To be engaged in the network about car service vehicle, the car class is not less than the city parade car, vehicle factory sales guidance price of not less than 150 thousand yuan, which is higher than the average market price of more than 50% parade car mainstream models. Second hand vehicles into the network about the car market, which has been used for more than 3 years from the date of the initial registration. Encourage the use of new energy or clean energy vehicles. The use of new energy and clean energy vehicles, the vehicle sales guidance price of not less than 130 thousand yuan. Operators, drivers and vehicle conditions – 5-7 seat (including the number) of passenger cars (passenger cars); made public security departments of the city issued a vehicle license, the use of the nature of the vehicle for the appointment of rental passenger. With the operation of the vehicle insurance, the motor vehicle third party liability insurance of the insured amount shall not be less than 1 million yuan, the carrier’s liability insurance of the insured amount shall not be less than 500 thousand. In the net about car service driver shall meet the following conditions: (a) to obtain the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; (two) no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle are not recorded 12 points recorded; (three) no record of violence; (four) does not exceed the statutory retirement age of the country. Carpool only downtown area every day by no more than 4 private minibus carpool, also known as carpool, ride, Quanzhou municipal government shall be stipulated separately. Network about car mileage reached 600 thousand km forced retirement. Mileage is not up to 600 thousand km, but the service life of up to 8 years, exit the network about car business. Network about cars not parade showmanship. Encourage the use of mobile Internet technology, build a network service platform, the development of public welfare, mutual assistance of private passenger cars;相关的主题文章: