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Quanzhou high-speed "milkman driver" hand hold her hand driving hand is still feeding the baby, a hand on the steering wheel, Ms. Shaw driving on the highway from Nanan to Quanzhou south, in Quanzhou until the south exit was stopped by police on duty. The police carried out critical education on the dangerous driving behavior and punished them according to law. Like this dangerous driving behavior, at the high speed still quite a few. "Milkman" show motherly love but it was too dangerous for the morning of September 22nd 10 07, Quanzhou high-speed traffic police detachment of two police brigade in Quanzhou South export duty, a black Lexus car slowly into the toll lanes, for high-speed road tolls. At this time, the police saw that the driver of the car did not wear a seat belt, holding a child in one hand and driving the steering wheel with one hand. Police immediately stopped it and directed it to stop at the safe section. "Why don’t you wear your seat belt and drive your car?"" In the face of police inquiries, the female driver Xiao Lin replied, "I want to feed the baby, how to fasten the seat belt?""! Police learned that, Ms. Shaw was born in 1989, the boy about one year old, the day she drove from Nanan to Quanzhou south, ready to participate in early childhood education activities in Quanzhou. The police carried out critical education on the dangerous driving behavior and punished them according to law. Less than two months, 5834 from the safety belt reporter from Quanzhou high-speed traffic police detachment traffic control department learned that, from August 1st to September 22nd this year, the brigade police on-site investigation of the dangerous belt does not fasten dangerous driving 5834 cases. Police said: according to the "road traffic safety law of the People’s Republic of China" stipulates that, when driving a motor vehicle, the driver, passengers should be in accordance with the provisions of the use of safety belts. The seat belt is the lifeline, because it is the third major cause of road and traffic fatalities after speeding and drunk driving. In an accident that may cause death, a seatbelt can increase the risk of car survivors by 60%. When a vehicle collision or emergency braking, the safety belt can overcome the huge inertia, avoid in the car behind the seats or thrown out of the car. Children under 4 years of age recommend the use of national standards for children’s safety seat, can not hold the child in hand. In July 9th this year, two 7 people in the high-speed road traffic accident, because there is no seatbelt, 4 people were thrown out of the car, 2 people died, one of the deceased is 16 years old boy. What are the ten dangerous driving behaviors? High speed traffic police list the ten dangerous driving behaviors of expressways. Including the use of emergency lane, bad weather blindly dangerous driving, heavy truck overloading, not seatbelt, driving use of mobile phones, illegal parking, reversing, fatigue driving, speeding, arbitrary change lanes, distracted driving. High speed traffic police said, in the first half of this year, Quanzhou high-speed area has occurred more than 10 accidents caused by traffic accidents (including pedestrians on the high speed), please drivers at high speed driving, focus on driving, don’t do or want to have nothing to do with driving. (source: Shishi News Network)

泉州高速上现“奶娃女司机” 一手抱娃一手驾车   一手抱着还在吃奶的男婴,一手扶着方向盘,肖女士开车行驶在从南安到泉州南的高速路上,直到在泉州南出口被执勤民警拦下。民警对其危险驾驶的行为进行了批评教育,并依法进行了处罚。像此类危险驾驶的行为,在高速上还不少。   “奶娃”显母爱   但是太危险   9月22日上午10时07分,泉州高速交警支队二大队民警正在泉州南出口执勤,一辆黑色的雷克萨斯小轿车缓缓驶入收费通道,准备交高速过路通行费。这时民警看到,该车的女驾驶员没有系安全带,一手抱着一个孩子,一手扶着方向盘驾车。民警立即将其拦下,指挥其停靠在安全路段。   “你怎么不系安全带,还单手开车?”面对民警的询问,女驾驶员肖女士回答,“我要喂孩子吃奶,怎么系安全带呀”!民警了解到,肖女士1989年出生,男婴约周岁,当天她从南安驾车到泉州南,准备到泉州参加早教活动。   民警对其危险驾驶的行为进行了批评教育,并依法进行了处罚。   不到两个月   5834起不系安全带   记者从泉州市高速交警支队交管科了解到,从今年8月1日至9月22日,各大队民警现场查处了不系安全带危险驾驶的违法行为5834起。民警表示:根据《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》规定,机动车在行驶时,驾驶人、乘坐人员应按照规定使用安全带。安全带是救命绳,因为不系安全带已成为仅次于超速行驶和酒后驾驶造成道路、交通死亡事故的第三大原因。在一次可能导致死亡的事故中,系好安全带能使车内人员生还的几率提高60%。当汽车发生碰撞或紧急制动时,安全带可以克服巨大的惯性,避免车内人被抛离座位或抛出车外。4周岁以下儿童建议使用符合国家标准儿童安全坐椅,不能将孩子抱在手中。今年7月9日,二家7人在高速路上遇车祸,因没有系安全带,4人被甩出车外2人死亡,死者之一为16岁的少年。   “十大危险驾驶”   行为有哪些   高速交警列出了高速公路“十大危险驾驶”行为。包括占用应急车道,恶劣天气盲目危险驾驶,货车严重超载,不系安全带,开车使用手机,违法停车、倒车,疲劳驾驶,超速行驶,随意变更车道,分心驾驶等。   高速交警表示,今年上半年泉州高速辖区已经发生了10多起因交通事故导致的死亡事故(包括行人上高速),请驾驶员在高速行车时,专注驾驶,切勿做或者想与驾驶无关的事。   (来源:石狮新闻网)相关的主题文章: