Qiao Renliang once deleted micro-blog cheap life to accompany you to play-e2140

Qiao Renliang had seconds to delete micro-blog: stabbed one to accompany you to play Qiao Renliang seconds to delete micro-blog Qiao Renliang self incoherent Qiao Renliang deleted the second blood according to Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, actor Qiao Renliang [micro-blog], because of the long-term depression, choose to end 28 years of life, make friends and fans all shed, brokerage firms Qiao Renliang confirmed last year because some rumors and slander, leading to exacerbations, and friends pulls out a micro-blog when he deleted the second: "a humble life, accompany you to play", distressed him behind the smile encounter is how much pain. Qiao Renliang in October last year, micro-blog users a seconds to delete backup, fierce words plus blood stained paper photos, revealing his physical and mental condition is not stable, "do not eat do not sleep from the group to accompany you to dry, even said I good ah, drugs, come to Shanghai, you want a few cups of urine, need a pack, slowly drink, don’t worry, I kept it in all cases, a humble life, accompany you to play, remember to wish me Happy birthday." Now after the death of Qiao Renliang, the micro-blog has also been exposed, let users see the message "don’t give up, have good sad, why should push people into this", "brokers why not choose to let him quit acting to cure it, now he can finally have a good rest".相关的主题文章: