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Push the wrong red brick collective mobile phone Oolong thing what? Tencent digital selection of high-quality media articles, described in this article is the author’s independent point of view, does not represent the digital position of Tencent. Millet red rice note3 to push firmware upgrade package, the result is wrong to double Netcom upgrade package pushed to full Netcom mobile phone, the user after the upgrade of all brick. According to the follow-up user said, millet solution is returned to the factory, data information can only be lost, and can not be repaired, plus near the new year express either outage, or reduce the speed of transport, before the new year back to the mobile phone, hope is very slim. So this led to the network instantly exploded nest, millet public relations and netizens opened a battle of speed and passion. Well, this is probably the case, but this kind of Oolong in the industry or some other, the following to look for other brands of the past". 1, Samsung font door due to built-in memory eMMC chip, due to sudden power failure or other operations and "breakdown", resulting in the situation is unable to use "font" door". In the process of using the non predictable crash, screen, sleep dead, mobile phone users use physical buttons forced termination or shutdown invalid case, forcibly pull out the battery for restart or shutdown operation. In the process of the boot back into the battery, mobile phone card dead in SAMSUNG Logo the first screen or second screen display, then again pull the battery into the battery, and then press the power button, the machine will not boot no display screen, insert the charger charging indicator light is not bright, insert the EEG USB interface, computer tips found new hardware. After the mobile phone pulls out the battery for a period of time, but still can not boot, you can be identified as "font gate" event. 2, more than BUG iOS 8, once iOS 8 just on the line, the user was sentenced to the "history of the most bug version" name, the crash rate is higher than iOS 7 60%. Of course, this was when people didn’t use iOS 9. Although after apple to update firmware repair bug, but the time also spent at least half a year to repair, was laughed at the user said: Apple also millet, update so frequently. 3, cracking of LG G3 the way it is, in the LG G3 went on sale shortly after, some users reflect the position of the microphone at the bottom of the G3 craze, pictured above. But soon, users around the world have the same problem. Including the United States, Hongkong, Indonesia and India, the symptoms also occur in the same place, but the situation is different, some are split half, serious is split on both sides. Event to the end, LG did not give statements and analytical solutions. 4, Meizu MX4 missing the power button when the MX4 went on sale, there had been a lack of power MX4 key event, this event is the case, but it also caused problems for users. Although Meizu is not mature, but after the event, Meizu reaction can also show that the brand is the heart. As Meizu CEO Li Nan personally apologize to the user, this event shows that Meizu is standing on the user side. In 2015, Meizu invested more than 400 million of its money in after sales service,.

红米错推送集体变砖 手机乌龙事还有哪些?腾讯数码精选优质自媒体文章,文中所述为作者独立观点,不代表腾讯数码立场。小米给红米note3推送固件升级包,结果却错把双网通的升级包推送给全网通的手机了,结果用户升级后全部变砖了。根据后续用户说,小米给出的解决方案是返厂,数据信息只能全部丢失,并且不能维修,加上临近过年快递都要么停运要么降低运输速度,要在过年前拿回手机,希望十分渺茫。因此导致这事这网络瞬间炸了窝,小米公关与网友们拉开了一场速度与激情的战斗。好了,这事大概就是这样了,但这种乌龙事在业界还是有些其他的,下面就给大家找找其他品牌的“往事”。1、三星的字库门由于内置存储器eMMC芯片,因突然断电或其他操作而被“击穿”,造成无法使用的情况就是“字库门”。在使用过程中无预见性的死机、定屏、睡死,手机使用者在使用物理按键强行终止或关机无效的情况下,强行拔出电池进行重启或关机操作。在重新放入电池开机的过程中,手机卡死在第一屏或第二屏显示的SAMSUNG Logo处,这时再重新拔出电池,放入电池再按下开机键后不开机、机器屏幕无显示、插入充电器后充电指示灯不亮、插入电脑USB接口后,电脑提示发现新硬件。在手机拔下电池放置一段时间后,仍然不能开机则可认定为出现“字库门”事件。2、超多BUG的iOS 8曾经iOS 8刚刚上线的时候,就被用户判上了“史上最多bug版本”之名,崩溃率比iOS 7高出60%。当然,这是那时人们还没有用过iOS 9的缘故了。虽然之后苹果加紧更新固件修复bug,但时间也用了起码差不多半年的时间去修复,被用户笑说:苹果也小米了,更新这么频繁。3、开裂的LG G3事情是这样的,在LG G3开卖后不久,就有一些用户反映G3底部麦克风位置开裂了,如上图。但随后不久,在全球范围不断有用户反映同样的问题。包括美国、香港、印尼和印度等地,症状也都发生在同一个位置,不过情况不一,有的是只裂了一半,严重的是两边都裂了。事件到最后,LG都没有给出说法和解析方案。4、魅族MX4缺电源键在MX4开卖的时候,曾经发生了MX4缺少电源键事件,这个事件只是个案,但确实也对用户造成了困扰。虽然可以说魅族当年还不成熟,但出现了这个事件后,魅族的反应也能表现出这个品牌是用心的了。作为魅族CEO的李楠亲自给用户道歉,这个事件说明魅族是站在用户这边的。加上2015年魅族在售后服务投入了4亿多资金,开辟了300家授权服务中心,服务中心包括售后维修、现场体验、现场辅导以及配件销售等服务内容,同时也不定期会有一些服务体验日的活动举行,邀请魅友一起参与互动,为魅友带去愉悦的服务体验。还有mSupport线上24小时技术支援服务等等,魅族在目前售后服务这块的发展确实迅速,而这些方面是很多厂商并未做到的,但是发展迅速的同时,问题随之浮现,因此,魅族此次也是告诉大家今年的魅族将会进一步的去解决这些问题。为大家制造一个良好的售后服务平台。相关的主题文章: