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Public private equity funds in the direction of the obvious trend of absolute absolute income or lead the market Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: the trend of substantial capital market institutions who advocate ups and downs looming – reporter Liu Xiacun Xu Wenqing A shares in the cramped market, retail funds have fled, the current A stock market become the capital stock of the game world. Analysts believe that, compared to the phenomenon of short-term market mechanism caused by the market, more concern is the substantial institutional trend in the market, especially the Shanghai A shares general corporation holds a market capitalization accounted for 60%. With the obvious trend of public private equity funds in the organization, the future market will be more rational, its investment practices and logic will change; and in a short period of time, the absolute return investors will lead the market preference. Since the substantive institution Jianxingjianjin September, A shares of Shanghai Composite Index around 3000 points, a slight correction, light trading. Soochow securities data show that as of September 23rd, when the week Yinzhengzhuanzhang net outflow of 42 billion 500 million yuan, 11 billion 900 million yuan of funds than a week before the outflow rate further. Data from the past few weeks, the individual investor funds continue to flow out of the situation, has been maintained for 5 weeks. A number of public and private equity fund manager of Chinese Securities newspaper reporter, in such a narrow market, money effect is poor, retail money into small current A stock market is the basic institution of stock funds dominated the game. In the industry view, the current A-share market is dominated by institutional game market is the birth of the short-term phenomenon, compared to the more noteworthy is the current market trend of substantive institutional A. The so-called substantive organization, which is the institutionalization of information management institutions and institutional investors in the market of non institutional behavior. Analysts said that the investor structure is an important part of the impact of changes in stock prices, market volatility and market style changes will have a more significant role. Investor structure analysis framework includes two aspects of incremental and stock. The increment is mainly pensions, overseas funds and other asset categories stage configuration changes go funds; stock angle is mainly the general legal positions, influence factors include the lifting of the ban, and additional increase or decrease etc.. From the angle of view, public offering, private insurance and presents a situation of tripartite confrontation trend. According to the Commission and SWS Hongyuan data in 2014, the public fund market capitalization accounted for 4.79%, but the proportion declined year by year; the insurance funds in 2014 accounted for 3.87%, accounting for increased year by year, both of which become the dominant force in the market professional institutional investors. In the two quarter of 2016, the public offering of stock market value of $16254, the market capitalization accounted for 4.47%; private equity (including trust) the stock market value of $19408, accounting for 5.3%; insurance market shares 11522 billion, the market capitalization accounted for 3.2%, becoming the three shares the most important force in professional institutional investors. Among them, the public fund is still based on personal investment theory相关的主题文章: