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Religion A top psychic in Melbourne made some pretty amazing statements about the 2012 Mayan Calendar predictions. True many say that the date of 21st December 2012 will be the end of the world yet Melbourne psychics have a different view. They view this Maya date and the associated psychic predictions as merely a transition. Many see destruction .ing as the punishment for humanity and the negative global karma of the human race. This is a valid point as much of our collective karma is pretty bad yet a psychic in Melbourne point view says that this is only a new energy .ing in to the planet and not the doomsday Mayan prediction end of the world like some say it will be. Psychics are good at fortune telling yet you do not have to get a psychic reading to understand there is change all around us. Countries and governments are changing and there are many different kinds of energies happening on the world stage. Some are frightening like the Japan tsunami and earthquake thought many psychics did predict this would occur eventually. Yes earthquake and flood predictions are all a hidden part of the Mayan 2012 calendar predictions. The Mayan people were very accurate psychic astrologers and had clairvoyants that could see into the future. The threat of climate change and the rapid melting of the poles creating an increase in sea levels is a big scare. Lets us fact we have massive problems to solve and a good psychic in Melbourne can foretell this in prediction forecasting. A psychic reading that gives foresight is a useful method to have up your sleeve. One of the most important changes is the energy within people is undergoing a deep and profound transition. We have people for the first time showing their true colors of anger and anxiety as the world goes off the deep end. It is the new light energy that is creating this massive change and if you live in Melbourne Australia you will notice a change in the energy of folks. Some are choosing to go more toward the light and work on personal development and other self growth activities that develop the inner you. The wise choice is to tune into our feelings and to begin to listen to our intuition as these major changes begin to quicken. t is true all of these changes coincide with the 2012 galactic planetary alignment. The world is in trouble and many of us now know it in our hearts that things are not right. The best pathway is to empower our own nature in any way we can. No matter where you live one can take steps to look within and to separate the inner world from the outer world. Take time to decide what is the most important activity for you? There are psychics Melbourne concepts that see this change in energy as a positive thing and will only bring benefits. It depends on what you are working on. 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