Premier Aguero comeback goal lost half Manchester 1-1 single Tintin

Premier Aguero comeback goal lost half 1-1 Manchester Manchester Tintin pole at Swansea first sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 24th 22:00 (British local time 15:00), the 201617 Premier League season sixth round of focus of a battle to compete at the liberty stadium, Manchester City Road against Swansea. Manchester City just in the week in the League Cup win over Swansea, the new season in all competitions started 9 matches. Swansea city nearly 9 war 7 wins, 2 unbeaten. History of the two sides clash 31 games, Manchester City, 20 wins and 4 draws a negative advantage of 7. Aguero lifted back, Silva returned to return to the starting. Phil Nandy Neo after the game was almost to Phil steals Manchester City defense encounter danger. Fifth minutes, Routledge right suddenly stones pass, stopping Llorente slightly after a foul, Kirk edge of the restricted area arc volley, the goal is invalid. Manchester City ninth minutes ahead, Stryn long distance xiechuan, Sarnia right pass, Aguero stopped to get rid of the 2 small upper right corner of the penalty area and strength into the net. He scored 10 goals in nearly 6 games. Aguero scored Kirk pass, Llorente left the restricted area pass shot saved by Bravo Shen yong. Swansea thirteenth minute equaliser, West ancient Dodson instep pass, he slipped, Llorente left the restricted area 14 yards left foot volley into the far corner. This is his first Premiership goal. De Blau Hei 25 yards free kick shot high. Fall under Phil Nandy Neo defense Vander Horn free kick in the melee, the referee has not been fined attracted fans discontent. Llorente volley to tie Sigurdsson right pass, Vander Horn 11 yards header wide. Silva pass, the ball in front of the restricted area of the Aguero shot slightly higher. Manchester City thirty-fourth minutes also miss the opportunity, gundogan pass, de Blau Hei edge of the area shot a column on the left side. Norton cross from the left, Llorente 12 yards header wide. Swansea (4-3-3):1- Fabianski; 22- Rangel, 5- Van de Horn, 2- amath, 26- Norton; 24- Jack Kirk, 7- Britten, 8- 23- Sigurdsson, 9-; Llorente, 15- Routledge, Manchester City (4-2-3-1):1- Bravo; 3- 30- Sagna, Austria tower Di, 24- stones, 11- 25- and Phil Nandy Neo Kolarov; 8-, gundogan; 7- Stryn, 17- de bruyne, 21- Silva; 10- Aguero相关的主题文章: