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During the commute note – Sohu pregnant mothers are many hemp stick to work, and the work itself is also good for pregnant women, what specific benefits, interested can see in front of me to write about the benefits of the work of pregnant women. So pregnant mother at work need to pay attention to what problems, in order to work at ease, to ensure that mother and child health? Divided into two parts, mainly related to the safety of commuting. The first part, for the public transportation, such as subway, bus to work the pregnant mother. Take the bus, the subway should first clear the identity, told the next person, he is pregnant, I hope others can take care of one or two. But don’t think everyone should treat you well, you should take good care of you. Please be polite to your needs and believe that most people are very friendly. Avoid the rush hour by reading the last news event in the article. Can get up early to go to work, go to work late, some people will not be too crowded. If possible, there will be a lot of units can be an hour late holiday. If not, depending on their work situation, you can discuss with the boss, it is not, but also to maintain a good attitude. Slow up slow down, pay attention to safety. When the next bus or subway to pay attention to safety, do not try to catch up with the upcoming launch of the car or subway, do not compete with their doors, seats, so as not to cause danger. Try to find a seat. Ride the best way to find a seat to sit, if there is no seat, you can politely ask someone to let. If you take the bus, select the front position, so as to reduce bumps, so as to avoid accidents. You can also go straight to the pregnant woman to sit, politely ask others to give you a pregnant woman. The second part, there are private cars to drive to work pregnant mother. Not long time driving. When driving in a single position for a long time, sitting for a long time, will make the mother’s waist too much stress, resulting in abdominal pressure is too large, which may lead to abortion. It is recommended that pregnant mothers had better not drive their own. Pay attention to traffic safety. Pregnant mother should fasten the safety belt when driving, speed always, ensure the safety of driving. Avoid driving on uneven or curved road, not moving fast to prevent the collision of abdominal emergency brake. Fasten the safety belt to the right, without the uplift belt, put in the lowest position of hip Hip, namely protrusions on both sides of the junction and pubis. It’s better to tie up the thigh. Don’t let the belt cross over the bulging stomach. The straps to avoid the belly, from the side to side through the abdomen between the breasts. Can not let the strap traverses the stomach, in addition, be careful of migraine may rub the neck side. Here’s a picture: if you work very close, you can walk, so just pay attention to the safety of the road on the line. In short, because there is a baby inside the stomach, need to pay more attention to safety than usual. In case of emergency, in time for the next person, need help, remember to have a good attitude, do not think they are pregnant women feel that the world has to take care of you. Remember before watching the news, a pregnant woman because someone else is not a seat?相关的主题文章: